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Part#: TAM35093
TAMIYA 1/35 Russian SU122

 The Russian T34 tank is known as a masterpiece. Based on the same chassis, the SU-122 featured a secured, wedge-shape fighting compartment, and was armed with a massive 122mm howitzer. The designation of SU-122 comes from the following; "SU" stands for Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (in Russian) meaning self-propelled and "122" stands for the armament. As Russian forces were forced to retreat from the relentless German blitzkrieg, large quantities of T34 and other tanks were produced in preparation of a counter attack. At the same time, Russian army urgently developed a new self-propelled gun, the SU-122. This tank featured a newly designed 122mm self-propelled howitzer and its production began in October 1942 at Tankograd in the Ural mountains. As the T34's chassis and its mass production system were applied to SU-122, the first test models were amazingly completed with great speed taking approximately one month. From there, the first lot of SU-122s were sent straight to the Leningrad front in January 1943. From July 1943, they saw action in the Battle of Kursk. The SU-122 with its 23 caliber 122mm howitzer fought with all its might against Panther and Tiger tanks and went on to superbly win a glorious victory. In following the success at Kursk, the SU-122 set the foundation on where other tanks such as the SU-85, SU-100, JSU-122, and JSU-152 were built upon. 
Modelers will enjoy recreating the powerful form of the SU-122 including its wedge-shaped form, 122mm howitzer, large gun base, and recoil tow-cover which now comes as a 1/35 scale model. This model was first released in 1977. 

• 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 207mm. 
• Weld marks and gun mount cast metal texture are realistically rendered. 
• Choose to assemble driver’s and fighting compartment hatches in open or closed position. 
• Separate parts depict fuel drum stays. 
• Belt-type parts give an accurate and fuss-free recreation of the tracks. 
• Decals are included to recreate different tank numbers, and two sizes of star. 
• Comes with a figure for installation in the model.

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Part#: TSM9504
TRUMPETER 1/35 Soviet KV-7 (Object 227)

  November 1941, in Chelyabinskaya Sverdlovsk UZTM Design Bureau designed the KV-7. It is equipped with two 45 mm and one 76 mm cannon, two 7.62 mm machine guns, 150 rounds of ammunition, all of the guns were placed behind a shield. 100 mm thick non-rotating turret, tank weight 45 tons, crew of 6 people. According to the instructions, KV-7 in December 1941 was sent to Moscow for review, the result is considered to be a failure, leaders tend flamethrower tank KV-8. Stalin that "Why do I need three guns? Best to install one", thus the end of this tank.


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Part#: TSM9505

 In 1944 the Construction Bureau of the Ural Heavy Machinery Plant developed the SU-101 with the D-10S gun and the SU-102 with the D-25S gun. Both vehicles were designated as Uralmash-1. Prototypes were manufactured in April 1945. The vehicles never entered mass production nor saw service.

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Part#: TAM25186
TAMIYA 1/35 JGSDF TYPE 90 TANK with Type 73 Light Truck Set

 This model kit set pairs its classic model of the Type 90 tank (from Item 35208) with Japanese model maker Fine Molds’ Type 73, in what promises to be a great value diorama in a box! 

The Type 90 main battle tank reached units from 1991, with 341 examples manufactured by 2009. A 120mm smoothbore gun put it on the cutting edge at the time of its design. The Type 73 was adopted back in 1973 but served concurrently with the Type 90 until deployment ended around 2010. An 80hp engine and capacity for 6 passengers made it a highly versatile servant to the Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF)

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Part#: TAM35281

 After debuting to great acclaim in our 1/48 MM Series, the popular Sturmgeschtz III (StuG III) 

Ausf. B now makes its way to the 1/35 MM Series. With its short barreled cannon and squat, 
formidable hull shape, the 1/35 StuG III promises to offer boxful of modeling satisfaction. 
Germanys versatile Stug III was originally designed as an assault weapon, however also 
came to be used as a weapon of defense as the war progressed, providing both assault gun 
and anti-tank support. Based on the durable Panzer III chassis, the Stug III featured a monoblock 
structure with an L24 75mm short barreled gun mounted directly to the hull, eliminating the 
revolving turret and reducing overall height. The Ausf. B was the first truly mass produced 
Stug III with 250 produced from June 1940. Featuring wide tracks and powered by a 230hp 
Maybach HL 120 TRM engine the Ausf. B boasted a top speed of 40km/h. The Ausf. B saw 
action during the Balkans campaign in April 1941 and Operation Barbarossa in June, 1941. 
The simple construction leading to low costs and easy mass production made the Stug III one 
of Germanys most produced armored vehicles with over 10,000 produced during WWII. 
Accurate 1/35 scale model of the German Sturmgeschtz III Ausf. B assault gun. 
Cannon can be raised and lowered after assembly 
Includes fully detailed accessories to mount onto fender for full accuracy. 
Precision detailing right down to the loading device and wireless radio inside compartment. 
Comes with aluminum gun barrel and photo-etched mesh cover for engine air intake. 
Employs swing-arm type suspension. 

Includes 3 sets of markings and 1 commander figure.

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