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Part#: TAM32592
1/48 M1A2 Abrams

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Part#: TAM37027
1/48 German Heavy Tractor Ss-100

Here is a perfect pair in the Tamiya-Italeri Series: the Tamiya SS-100 kit (Item 32593) and Italeri’s rendering of the Flak37 88mm gun, put together in a set which will make for a great diorama straight out of the box.

The SS-100 was a heavy tractor based upon a commercial design that had an impressive towing capacity. Among its various duties, it was seen towing the legendary Flak37, the 88mm gun which German forces deployed from the Battle of France through to fighting in North Africa and Russia as WWII progressed.

• 1/48 scale plastic model kit assembly set.
• The SS-100 is depicted with great accuracy, slide molded parts offering superior parts fit. Length: 114mm, width: 53mm.
• Features realistic depictions of chassis and interior, plus tow bar parts which allow it to be hooked up to the Flak37.
• The 88mm Flak37 features a detailed parts breakdown for a highly accurate finish. It can be depicted in towed or deployed form. Length: 170mm, width: 50mm (dimensions when in towed form).
• Includes a total of five figures. Three are for placing in the SS-100, and two are for the Flak37 towing trailer.
• 88mm Flak37 gun parts are a product of Italeri.


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Part#: TAM35003
TAMIYA 1/35 German Schwimmwagen Plastic Model Kit

This model kit re-creates the Schwimmwagen! The actual vehicle was an amphibious design vehicle that earned the trust of its crews in WWII with excellent performance on bad roads, and its fording ability.

1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
Separate parts depict features such as screw, seats, roll bar, spare tire, lights, tools, machine gun and more.
Assemble with the hood up or down.
Front windshield part can be folded up and down after completion.
Comes with 3 figures; two are to be seated in the vehicle (one driving and one holding a machine gun), and one is standing.

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Part#: TAM35247
1/35 Feldkuche- German Field Kitchen Scenery

         Construct a Feldkuche (German Field Kitchen Scenery) with this       
    1/35 Scale Plastic Assembly Kit from Tamiya's Military Miniature Series.  
                         For modelers age 10 and over.                        
FEATURES: Accurately reproduced field kitchen trailer.                        
          Detachable limber.                                                  
          Four lifelike figures: 2 soldiers, 2 cooks.                         
          Lids of pots can be selected either open or closed.                 
          Contains various accessories food containers, lantern, milk churns, 
            bread, apples, kitchen pot, bucket, potato sacks, ladle, cheese.  
          Range and coffee heater.                                            
          Each plastic piece has molded-in details for a realistic appearance.
          Pictorial assembly instructions.                                    
INCLUDES: One 1/35 Plastic German Field Kitchen Scenery                       

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Part#: TAM35355
1/35 Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III/IV Red Army

  This is the 1/35 Scale Infantry Tank Matilda Red Army - Mk.III/IV          
        Plastic Model Kit from Military Miniature Series by Tamiya.           
                       Suitable for Age 14 & Older.                           
FEATURES: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in olive green                
          Turret, gun mantlet, and front hull feature a realistic cast metal  
          Link type assembly parts recreate the tracks (69 links per side)    
          2 Red Army torso figures (driver, commander)                        
          Waterslide decals                                                   
          Illustrated instructions                                            
OPTIONS:  One decal sheet with markings for 2 versions:                       
            1) Unit Unknown, Southern sector of Eastern Front, Summer 1942    
            2) 19th Tank Corps, Central sector of Eastern Front, January 1942 
INCLUDES: One plastic model                                            This is the 1/35 Scale Infantry Tank Matilda Red Army - Mk.III/IV          
        Plastic Model Kit from Military Miniature Series by Tamiya.           
                       Suitable for Age 14 & Older.                           


Our Price: $58.49
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Part#: TAM35059
1/35 Russian 734/76 '43 Tank

This is a 1/35 1943 Production Model T34/76 Russian WWII Tank from Tamiya. For ages 10 and over.

Detailed plastic parts molded in dark green and attached to sprues.
Includes three realistic figures - a commander, a loader, and a driver.
Kit may be assembled in early or late model versions; variations to tank (for example, a variation for a particular season) can also be made. 
Kit contains two types of road wheels which can be changed when fixing accessory parts.
Certain parts, such as the driver's hatch, may be fixed in an open or closed position.
Two types of turret top plates, according to selected model version.
Accessories to tank include a shovel, a storage box, wire, logs, a horn, a tool case, and a blanket
Pliable plastic tracks for sturdy movement on frozen, slippery ground.
Waterslide decals.
Includes detailed and informative pictorial instructions.

One 1/35 1943 Production Model T34/76 Russian Tank

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Part#: TAM35250
1/35 M4A3 Sherman 75mm

    Construct a United States Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun (Late      
    Production--Frontline Breakthrough) with this 1/35 Scale Plastic Model    
                 kit from Tamiya's Military Miniature Series.                 
                    Suitable for Modelers Age 10 and Older.                   
FEATURES: Highly accurate static display model.                               
          Each piece is molded with realistic characteristics.                
          Open or closed hatches for turret and hull.                         
          Two types of cupolas, wheels and sprockets can be selected.         
          Four lifelike figures.                                              
          Various accessories are provided such as: shovels, rifles, knives,  
            helmets, gun holsters, water canteens, pouches, grenades, type K  
            rations, ammunition cases, oil cans, Jerry cans, machine gun tripod
            and more.                                                         
          Continuous rubber-like tracks.                                      
          Three types of decals provided: 6th Armored Div. January 1945       
            Ardenne; 69th Tank Bttn., 6th Armored Div. January 1945 Ardenne;  
            January 1945 Philippines.                                         
          Detailed pictorial instructions.                                    
INCLUDES: One M4A3 Sherman Tank 75mm Gun                                    

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Part#: TAM35313
1/35 US Light Tank M5A1 w/4 Figures

   This is the 1/35 scale US Light Tank M5A1 "Pursuit Operations" Set     
  plastic model kit from the 1/35 Military Miniature Series No.313 by Tamiya  
                            For ages 14 years and up                          
FEATURES: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in olive drab                 
          Includes (4) figures                                                
          Accurately reproduced form including compact turret                 
          Bogey type suspension faithfully remodeled                          
          Realistic weld and bolt details                                     
          Comes with accessories such as mortar, portable radio, helmet,      
            canteen, M1A1 Submachine gun, holster and tools                   
          Waterslide decals with 2 types of markings                          
          This is a Re-release of item 35097 1/35 scale U.S. Light Tank M5A1  
          Illustrated instructions with paint/marking guide included          
INCLUDES: (1) /35 scale US Light Tank M5A1 "Pursuit Operations" Set 

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Part#: RMX850035


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Part#: TAM35218

The American motor car industry produced an outstanding number of military vehicles during 5 years of the World War 2. Those were widely used not only by the U.S. troops but also by other allied troops. The U.S. was literally the arsenal of democracies. As the World War 2 was the first modern mobile warfare, logistics was of greater importance than ever. Sometimes, it was even more important to ensure smooth supply lines than to develop better ordnance. Many kinds of vehicle were used for supply operations, and among them, the 2 1/2 ton truck, known as "Jimmy" or "Deuce and a half", was one of the most mass produced vehicles, recording the total production of 810,000. The nickname "Jimmy" was derived because the majority of the total production was done by the GMC firm. The most widely used engine was Type 270 with a displacement of 4,416cc, yielding 104 horsepower. The power was transmitted to the wheels via five-speed transmission. Two types of driving axles were offered to the truck. One is "Banjo type" manufactured by Chevrolet and the other is "Split type" made by Timkin. Apart from the driving axles, many components, such as cabin, cargo body and chassis frame, varied according to the manufacturers and various uses. Variants included the normal steel-body cargo truck, water tanker, gasoline tanker, cargo-dump truck and multi-role type with tipping cargo body. The most popular variant, GMC CCKW-353 with normal cabin and long wheelbase of 164 inch, weighing 4.8 ton, had carrying capacity of 2.42 ton on rough roads and 4 ton on pavement. The maximum speed reached 72km/h. Having the then first class performance like these, the 2 1/2 trucks ran across all the battle fields as a means of transport for the Allied forces and played an important role to bring about the victory of the Allies. After its retirement from the U.S. Army in the early 50"s, they were transferred to all over the world and had a great influence on the progress of today"s military motorcars.

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Part#: TAM35087



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Part#: TAM35251
tamiya 1/35 M4A3 Sherman 105Mm Howitzer

 The main tank of the US Army during WWII was the M4 Sherman. Now the M4A3 Sherman equipped with the large 105mm Howitzer is available from Tamiya. This tank model uses poly-caps for the raising and lowering of the gun. Gunners hatch and machine gun clamp are included as separately molded parts. Realistic tank tracks come with rubber pads (paintable) for enhanced authenticity. Three infantry figures from the Ardennes battlefields and the tank commander figure bring a "midst of battle" atmosphere to the kit. Ammunition boxes and ration cases are also included to enhance detail. Decals are included to recreate one of three tank types. Recommended paints: TS-5 Olive Drab. This exciting kit is sure to be a welcomed addition to any of the U.S. Army vehicles in Tamiya's extensive 1/35 scale MM collection.

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