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Part#: AMT1372
AMT1/25 1981 DATSUN 280 ZX TURBO model kit

A SLEEK SPORTCAR CLASSIC IS REBORN: AMT’s 1/25 scale 1981 Datsun 280 ZX Turbo is a timeless favorite for serious builders who are looking for options. Add it to your model kit collection today!

LOADED WITH POTENCY AND GRACE: The 1981 Datsun 280 ZX Turbo is a cool ride for classic import builders! Fully paintable, it includes an EXPANDED water-slide decal sheet with colorful options, detailed exterior badging, and dashboard gauges. Build it up right with these authentic features: detailed, turbocharged engine and interior, stock aluminum snowflake wheels AND custom spoke wheels, T-top roof with removable clear panels, Goodyear tires, and more. Wrapped up nicely in ALL NEW packaging that really pops!

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Part#: MOE2321
MOEBIUS 1/25 1964 Chevy II Nova Resto Mod with Hood Cowl

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Part#: TAM24194
TAMIYA Nissan Skyline 2000 Gt-R

During the 1960's, the Japanese racing scene was striving to catch up with high performance racing machines of European origin. One manufacturer called Prince developed the first Japanese prototype racing machine, named the R380.

With a powerful-in-line six cylinder DOHC engine mounted amidships under a low and sleek body, the R380 won the 1996 Japanese Grand Prix race event and established several world speed records in the following year. The Prince company merged with Nissan, and unveiled a special 4-door sedan Skyline model during the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show. Priced at almost double that of other Skylines in the stable, it was transplanted with a de-tuned powerplant of the R380 racer's unit. This hot-blooded Skyline was launched into the market in February 1969, under the designation of GT-R. The 1,989cc DOHC 6-cylinder S20 type engine yielded 160hp of maximum output. In October 1970, the original 4-door sedan GT-R was replaced with a more sporty, 2-door hard-top model.

Its designation "R" stood for racing, the Skyline GT-R virtually dominated Japanese racing circuits from the late 60's to early 70's. The 4-door and 2-door Skyline 2000 GT-R's accomplished 50 respectable victories in domestic races during that period, establishing the famous "GT-R legend" among the Japanese motor racing enthusiasts.

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Part#: RMX854497
REVELL 1:25 1966 Chevy Impala SS 396 2N1

The 1966 Impala™ Super Sport was the flagship of the Chevrolet® line and the emphasis was on performance as well as good looks. Today, the timeless design of the ’66 Chevy® Impala™ SS™ is just as striking as it was the day the first unit rolled off the assembly line. This is why large numbers of Chevy enthusiasts are devoting endless amounts of time, energy and money to the pursuit of restoring, customizing and collecting these milestone cars.

Highly Detailed Turbo-Jet 396 V-8 with four speed standard transmission.
Interior with front bucket seats and center console and full wheel covers with spinners.
Optional stock or lowered suspension for the “low down” look, stock wheels with white wall tires, special low profile tires with chrome plated wire wheels.
Decals with stock factory and custom graphics.
Molded in white, clear and transparent red with chrome-plated parts and soft black tires.

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Part#: AMT1301

CUSTOM CLASSIC: AMT’s 1/25 scale 1958 Chevy Ala Impala 3-1 customizing kit is a great project for any experienced modeler who is a fan of classic cars. This kit includes many custom parts to build the Impala of your dreams. Add it to your collection today!

FEATURE PACKED: The 1958 Chevy Ala Impala 3-in-1 kit features premium details like pre-decorated stock tires with wide whitewall on one side and gold pinstripe on the other. It also includes vintage drag slicks, opening doors & hood, custom tubular grille, triple carburetors, and finned valve covers, highly detailed front and rear suspension, multiple engine configurations, and lots more customizing parts. The kit also includes an expanded decal sheet with many graphic options and vintage Retro Deluxe™ AMT packaging.

  • 1:25 scale, skill level 2, paint & glue required
  • 161 parts
  • Molded-in white, clear, clear red, and chrome plastic
  • Black vinyl tires with metal axels
  • Built scale: 8” long
  • Ages 10+



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Part#: AANH1223
ATLANTIS MOONEYES Dragster 1/25 Plastic Model kit

This kit comes from the old custom car parts. Atlantis has retooled and fixed many of them to bring this kit to life. The kit will be molded in white and chrome with newly tooled tires. Features Dragmaster chassis, tons of extra customizing parts, detailed chevy engine with potvin manifold. New artwork created by Gene Chambers. Authentic waterslide decals.
MOONEYES name and design used under license. © 2021 MOONEYES ™. All rights reserved

Dean Moon was around cars and racing from his youth. Dean was involved in dry lake hot-rodding in the late 1940s. He founded MOON Equipment Company (c.1950) and worked to improve the quality and safety of speed and racing products his entire life. Dean Moon was a hot rodder and innovator of speed parts. He established a company that became an icon in the hot rodding industry. Early products were a multi-carb fuel block, spun aluminum wheel discs, aluminum gas tanks and a foot-shaped throttle pedal. Products carrying the Moon name, including the Moon disc wheel covers and Moon Tank auxiliary fuel containers, were very popular. MOON Equipment Company paused after Dean died in 1987, then stopped momentarily after Dean Moon's wife died. In the early 1990s the company restarted as MOONEYES USA which continues to carry on the traditions of Dean Moon today.

Actual shipping cost applies. No flat rate shipping on plastic models due to size of shipping box.

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Part#: MPC973
MPC 1/25 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Streaker Vette

 A SUPER COOL STREET MACHINE: MPC’s 1/25 scale 1967 Streaker Vette is the perfect project for builders who are looking for classic street machines with attitude. Add it to your collection today!

LOADED WITH GOODIES: The 1967 Streaker Vette is fully paintable and features an EXPANDED water-slide decal sheet with authentic details and colorful options. Build up your street machine with power options like a fastback body, 327 V-8 engine, choice of dual quads or blown and injected carbs, optional hood scoop, meaty rear tires, American slotted wheels, functional front suspension, customized exhaust, Zoomie headers, and more. Wrapped up nicely in vintage-style packaging!
1:25 scale, skill level 2, paint & glue required
105+ parts
Molded in white, clear, transparent red, and with some chrome plated parts
Black vinyl tires
Built scale: 7 inches long

Our Price: $29.99
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Part#: RMX854304
RMX 1/25 Corvette C7.R

 FEATURES: Highly detailed pieces molded in white, transparent red and clear    

          Soft black tires                                                     
          Full interior roll cage                                              
          Lift-off style bodywork                                              
          Engine detail                                                        
          Waterslide decals                                                    
          Illustrated instructions                                             
INCLUDES: One plastic model                                                    
REQUIRES: Assembly                                                             
          Hobby knife (RMXR6909)                                               
          Plastic cement (HCAR3415)                                            
          Sprue cutters (HCAR0630)                                             
          Paint (Aluminum, Flat Black, Gloss Black, Gloss Red, Gloss Yellow,   
                 Graphite Metallic, Gunmetal, Light Blue, Semi-Gloss Black,    
                 Steel, Transparent Gray)                                      
SPECS:    Scale: 1/25                                                          
          Length: 7-1/16" (179.38mm)                                           
          Skill level: 4                                                       
          Parts: 64         

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Part#: AMT1362

A REFRESHING NEW FEELING FOR AN OLD CLASSIC: AMT’s 1/25 scale 1968 Chevy El Camino SS is a great project for any experienced modeler who likes the Coca-Cola brand. Add it to your collection today!

BIG ON DETAILS: A kit rich in history! Fully paintable, it features an ALL-NEW sheet of colorful Coca-Cola water-slide decals with many classic options. Also included: detailed Chevy SS396 V8 engine, 2-in-1 pad printed tires offering red line pinstripes on one side and Goodyear lettering on the other, bucket seats, optional Torq-thrust mags or rally wheels, BONUS soap box derby racing car, BONUS display base and more! All wrapped up in highly collectible and totally NEW Coca-Cola packaging!

Our Price: $31.99
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Part#: AMT1182
AMT 1:25 1927 Ford T Vintage Police Car Scale Model Kit

1/25 scale, skill 2, paint, and cement required
Molded-in white, the modeler’s choice
An old-timey police car with special accessories
Helmets, megaphone, nightstick, and flashlight
Stock and hopped-up engine choices
Optional “side curtain” windows
“Vintage” vinyl tires with spoked wheels
Expanded decal sheet with ecal graphics options
Retro Deluxe™ reproduction AMT packaging

No flat rate shipping on this item. Actual shipping charged by carrier will be charged.

Our Price: $27.99
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Part#: RMX854509
REVELL 1/25 Jaguar XK-E (E-Type)

Regarded by many as “The Most Beautiful Car Ever Made” the Jaguar XK-E (E-type) has been an icon ever since. Introduced in 1961, it was based on the Le Mans winning D-type race car. In addition to its great looks, it had advanced features such as disc brakes, rack and pinion steering and independent suspension. The Jaguar XKE (E-type) made between 1961 and 1975 continues to rank number one in most readership poles. Its 3.8-liter engine had 269 hp and gave it a top speed of 150 mph with 0 to 60 in less than 7 seconds. The 3.8-liter cars are referred to as Series 1 cars and of these only 7,828 ever were built.

• Detailed 3.8 lt. 6 cylinder engine and tubular sub frame
• Choice of right and left-hand driver positions
• Poseable front wheels Roues avant orientables Ruedas delanteras poseable
• Chrome windshield frame
• Molded in red and clear with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.

Skill Level: 5
Scale: 1/24
Length: 7.36"
Parts: 142


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SALVINOS JR MODELS 1/24 1971 Bobby Allison Dodge Charger

Our Price: $39.99
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