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Part#: TAM61042
1/48 P-51B Mustang

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

 This is a Plastic 1/48 P-51B Mustang Airplane from Tamiya.         
     The first Allison powered P-51's were good airplanes but lacked the high 
altitude performance to be effective bomber escorts.  That changed when the   
basic P-51 airframe was mated with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine to create the  
P-51B.  Tamiya's rendition of the Mustang builds up into an impressive, highly
detailed 1/48th scale replica with accurate interior and exterior detail.  High
quality water activated decals are included for three aircraft.               
FEATURES: Highly detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display.        
          Approximately 60 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed  
            panel lines.                                                      
          Accurately captures features of P-51B: wings, gear doors, canopy.   
          Multi-part canopy may be posed open or closed - Malcolm Hood        
          Main wheels have separate hubs for easy painting.                   
          Highly detailed cockpit with accurate instrument panel, seat, control
           stick and rudder pedals, bulkheads, and sculpted pilot figure.     
          2 styles of exhaust stubs, optional position flaps, drop tanks.     

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Part#: TAM60780
TAMIYA 1/72 Mitsubishi A6M2B (Zeke)

From the early days of the Second Sino-Japanese War to the end of hostilities in the Pacific, the Mitsubishi Zero served as the Imperial Japanese Navy's main frontline fighter. The first major mass-produced version was the A6M2b, which was equipped with 50cm folding wingtips, landing hook, and radio direction finder for carrier-based operations. Flown by expert pilots, the A6M2b took part in daring operations such as the Pearl Harbor attack and the invasion of the Philippines. It's 3,000km range, powerful 20mm cannon armament, and legendary maneuverability quickly earned the respect of Allied aircrews.

The Tamiya model assembly kit faithfully reproduces this historic warplane in 1/72 scale.

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Part#: TAM61028
1/48 A-10 Thunderbolt II

This is a Plastic 1/48 A-10A Thunderbolt II Airplane from Tamiya.     
Period of Service: 1972 - present; served in Gulf War.
Twin turbofan engine, twin tail, single seat attack aircraft.
Highly detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display.
Markings included for 5 different aircraft.
Appx. 150 parts in olive green and clear with fine recessed panel lines.
Complete weapon load including: (6) AGM-65 Maverick, (1) GBU-8, (1). GBU-10, (6) Mk.82 500lb bombs, (1) Mk.20 bomb, and (1) ALQ-119 pod.
Cockpit detail includes instrument panel with decal for instrument faces and side consoles, 4 part ejection seat, and seated pilot.
Detailed nose and main landing gear, wheel wells, and boarding steps.
30mm Gatling gun capable of 2100-4200 rounds per minute, 10 hard-points for 16,000lbs of ordnance, and titanium armoured cockpit.  
Single sheet of decals contains aircraft code letters, serial numbers, national insignia, stencils, and cockpit instruments for five aircraft:                                                      
1: 23rd TFW, 76th TFS, England AFB, LA. Overall: 3 tone Black/Dk Green/Med Green camouflage.           
2: 354th TFW, 355th TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC.                    
3: 354th TFW, 356th TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC.                    
4: 354th TFW, 353rd TFS, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC.                    
5: 81st TFW, 511th TFS, Bentwaters AFB, England.2,3,4,& 5 Overall: Same as 1                                   
Additional paints Required:
Flat Colors: Black, Yellow Green, Aluminum, Sky Grey, Deep Green, Khaki, Khaki Drab, Metallic Grey, Olive Green, Dark Green, Olive Drab.                                                     
Gloss Colors: Gun Metal, Silver, Gold, Sky Blue, Clear Blue, Clear Red.

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Part#: TAM61100
TAMIYA 1/48 Fieseler Fi 156C Storch

During WWII the Fieseler Fi156C was used at every front. It had the wonderful ability of taking off and landing over a short distance on both smooth and rough surfaces, and was often used for reconnaissance and liaison. This plane has been added to the 1/48 Aircraft Series as a Milestone 100th Release. When building this model many thoughts on what it must have been like to have flown in the Fieseler Fi156 may come to mind when you are working on its long canopy, broad wing span, and body. This is aimed to be a beautiful edition to its series. Additionally, famed military commanders such as Rommel frequently observed the front lines from the Fi156. A set of 6 figures including a pilot and officer are included allowing you to easily reproduce a variety of scenes such like Rommel giving instructions to a staff officer. The Storch was closely regarded by many in the German military as a fellow soldier. Other 1/48MM series can be added to build a diorama beyond genres which would be pleasurable.

This is an plastic model kit of the Fieseler Fi156C Storch.
This model shows the Fi156C's ability to take off and land in restricted areas.
The main wing joins the Fieseler Fi156s delicate body at the canopy which is molded to the metal main wing spar and stilt.
A choice of 3 kinds of canopies, belly tanks, and skis for winter. From the many extra parts provided, you are able to build a Fieseler Fi156C to your own liking.
Choice of an open or closed embarkation hatch, as well as the position of the main wings flap, up or down.
Has 5 kinds of markings for either General Rommels embarkation plane or the Mussolini rescue plane.
Comes in a "Milestone 100th Release" package.
Length 202mm, Wing Span 297mm.

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Part#: TAM60754

Sketched out in a New York city hotel in April 1940, the North American Aviation Corporation NA73X went on to become one of the best fighters to come out of World War 2. The U.S. Army Air Corps gave it the title of P (for Pursuit) 51, and it was named Mustang by the British. Of the several variations of the Mustang, the P-51D is considered the definitive version and was the first to have the bubble canopy. More "D" models were built than any other variant, with a total of 9,603 being produced. Armed with six .50 caliber machine guns, three in each wing, with 400 rounds for each inboard gun and 270 rounds for the other four, plus underwing pylons for auxiliary fuel tans or 1000lb bombs, the Mustang was a true fighter pilots airplane. At the conclusion of WW2, Mustangs were in operation all over the world, flying in several nations air forces. When the Korean conflict broke out, hundred of F (for fighters) 51"s were in Japan awaiting scraping. Because they possessed too slow speed maneuverability that was absent in the new jets then entering service, the F-51 was ideal to work with Forward Air Controllers (FAC"s) on the ground in Korea. The major drawback to this was the F-51"s liquid cooled engine susceptibility to anti aircraft and small arms fire when attacking ground targets. This caused the Mustang to have the highest loss ratio of any aircraft in Korea. A total of 194 were lost in three years, with only 10 being downed in combat with other aircraft.

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Part#: TAM60775
1:72 Tamiya Vought F4U-1A Corsair

Introduced into service in 1942, the Vought F4U-1 featured inverted gull wings and a massive 2,000hp engine spinning the largest propeller mounted on a fighter at the time. While the fighter?s performance and toughness was quite impressive, deficiencies such as inadequate forward visibility, restricted all-round visibility due to the early frame-like canopy, and the tendency for the left and right wings to stall at different speeds led to various improvements being added throughout production, eventually resulting in the F4U-1A version. These improvements included a longer tailwheel leg for better forward visibility, a new canopy for better all-round visibility, and an almost unnoticeable 15cm ?stall strip? fixed to the leading edge of the right wing to ensure both wings would stall at the same speed. = About the Model = * 1/72 scale assembly model kit of the Vought F4U-1A Corsair * Kit depicts a final F4U-1A Corsair production version with all improvements or versions at different stages of the improvement process. * Parts for 1000lb. bomb, external fuel tank, two types of propellers, and two types of tailwheel are included to provide many modelling possibilities * High quality decals for 3 different sets of markings

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Part#: TAM61057
Tamiya 1/48 Heinkel He219 Uhu

TAMIYA - 1/48 Heinkel He219 Uhu Plastic Model Plane Kit (61057) Powered by two Daimler-Benz DB603 engines, this aircraft with a long and slender fuselage displayed its combat-worthiness against allied bombers in nocturnal operations during the final period of the conflict. Several versions were produced starting with the He219A-0 in 1942, and among them, the He219A-7 was the final and the most sophisticated version.

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Part#: ATM244
ATLANTIS Martin US Navy P-6M Seamaster Plastic Model Kit

 Officially licensed by the Department of the Navy. Look for the Official Navy Hologram on our Kit. This kit comes in at 1/136 Scale with 20 parts.  The kit comes molded in gray with the clear part for the windshield. Upgraded decals and our Famous clear Swivel Stand. Wingspan Measures 14.5 inches when complete. Skill level 2. Great for a weekend build.

About Your P6M SeaMaster. The Glenn L. Martin Company, builder of the famous China Clipper, and well known for a line of successful seaplanes, designed and built the world's first multi-jet seaplane bomber, the P6M-1 SeaMaster, in the early 1950's. While the jet age was still in its infancy, this remarkable seaplane displayed several advanced features in addition to a flashing performance for such a large seaplane. The SeaMaster was developed for the Navy specifically for mine laying and photo reconnaissance duties, and was capable of operating from nearly any large body of water. To preserve the clean lines of it's sleek hull, the SeaMaster carried its weapons in a unique revolving bomb bay, which rotated to empty it's lethal cargo at high speed, yet retained a watertight seal in the hull when closed. The weapons were loaded through a hatch in the top of the fuselage while the plane rested in the water.

A crew of five operated the SeaMaster, which was armed only with a remotely-fired barbette of twin 20mm cannons in the tail, as its speed was equal to any interceptor likely to attack and the enemy could only approach from the rear. The first flight of this Advanced Patrol bomber took place in July 1955, at which time six YP6M-1 and twenty-four P6M-2 versions were ordered. However, just as production of the big flying boat was getting underway, the program was cut back and only eleven SeaMasters were completed. The last three were P6M-2's with bubble canopies and more powerful engines.

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Part#: RMX851181
1/72 Snap Warthog Desktop

This is a 1/72 Scale A-10 "Warthog SnapTite"  Plastic Model Kit by Revell.  Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light gray, black and clear
Easy snap-together assembly...no gluing needed 
Seated pilot figure
Desktop display stand included 
Peel ’n stick decals with custom shark nose and lightning bolts as well as military markings
Illustrated instructions

One plastic model

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Part#: ATM301 (AANM5301)
ATLANTIS MODELS 1/104 PBY-5A Catalina US Navy Seaplane Plast

This kit comes from the classic Monogram tooling. This was of the first Aircraft kits they produced along with the B-26 and the B-25 which we also own the tooling for. The kit features engraved markings and lots of rivets but is a classic. It has a wingspan of 12 inches and measures 8.25 inches long. Decals are included for 2 versions and it comes with a nice sprue of clear parts, 6 in total. The old artwork was laid to bed and we had Don Greer create new artwork based on a PBY rescuing the men from the ill fated USS Indianapolis. We will include an oval logo on the decal sheet if you wish to mount your PBY on our clear globe swivel stand sold separately. 

One of the most recognizable aircraft employed by the U.S. Navy during World War II, the Consolidated PBY-5A “Catalina” patrol bomber proved to be strategically indispensable for the elimination of U-boats from high above the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean.  After four design iterations since its first flight in 1935, a fifth incarnation incorporated amphibious capabilities. Today, the Catalina is often cited for its part in the rescue of survivors from the torpedoed U.S.S. Indianapolis in 1945, risking 12-foot swells to save crew members helplessly adrift in shark-infested waters.


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Part#: RMX855270
REVELL 1/48 Stuka Ju 87G-1


Tank cracker 
Thick, well-sloped armor made the T-34 incredibly resilient to horizontal attacks, but the Ju 87 G-1 was designed to blast the Soviet tanks from above. With a pair of 37mm guns armed with tungsten carbide rounds, the Ju 87 G-1 could blow holes straight through the thin top armor of the T-34. Fortunately for the Soviets, Stukas were vulnerable when caught without fighter escort. Kit features two underwing 37mm BK cannons, pilot and radio operator figures, and four piece canopy.


Skill Level: 4 
Scale: 1/48 
Length: 9-1/4" 
Wingspan: 12-1/4" 
Parts: 54 

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: RMX851267
REVELL Maverick's F/A-18 Hornet

An easy model kit of the Hornet.  In the film “Top Gun: Maverick”, the legendary Pete “Maverick” Mitchell who passes on his extraordinary flying skills to the new Top Gun generation, flies an F/A-18.

• Multi-part fuselage
• Display Stand
• Waterslide & Peal-N-Stick Stickers

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/72
Length: 8.78"
Wingspan: 6.50"
Parts: 14

Our Price: $17.95
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