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Part#: TAM60792
TAMIYA 1/72 Lockheed Martin F-35 A Lightning Ii

This model kit recreates the state-of-the-art F-35A Lightning II in 1/72 scale. It inherits many of the detailed features first seen in our 1/48 scale release. Thanks to extensive research, the A variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is available to fans in either preferred scale.

About the F-35A
Fighter jets have continued to develop since they were first seen in late WWII, to the point where modern-day aircraft such as the F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor are often called "fifth generation" fighters; qualities such as their highly advanced stealth characteristics and network connectivity set them apart from earlier fighters. Developed under the Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF), the F-35 integrates multiple functions into its design and there are three types at the time of writing: the F-35A conventional take-off and landing (CTOL) aircraft, the F-35B short take-off, vertical landing (STOVL), and the F-35C, with its larger wing and tail; across these three variants, the F-35 can accomplish various missions without impacting upon its observability and exemplary maneuverability. Multiple sensors are at the heart of its advanced capabilities, and the wealth of data harvested is shared via multifunction advanced data link, helping provide the crew with outstanding information via a large cockpit display and the helmet-mounted display system. The F-35's maiden flight was in December 2006, and deployment with air arms in the U.S., Italy, Japan, and more is planned, as the aircraft appears set to take on a key role in the defense landscape in years to come.

• 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit. Wingspan: 148mm, fuselage length: 218mm.
• Features refined molded depictions of radar absorbent material (RAM) sections on the surface.
• This kit can be assembled with one choice of the three ordnance patterns – stealth mode, air-to-air mode, and beast mode.
• Ordnance components can be attached to the weapons stations on the belly of the aircraft.
• (Weapons bay door can only be attached closed.)
• The fuselage with integrated wing has a realistic rendering of Blended Wing Body (BWB).
• This kit also features realistic renderings of the following sections:
- Y- shaped air intakes
- Cockpit and landing gear bays
- Engine nozzle (one-piece design)
- Martin-Baker US16E ejection seat
- RCS (radar cross section) enhancers affixed to top and bottom sections (two for each, four in total) during basic training exercises.
- Boxes stored in nose landing gear bay.
• Choose from open or closed canopy (not interchangeable after assembly).
• Flaps are assembled in the up position.
• Canopy and EOTS sensor fairing on nose undersurface are recreated in transparent plastic.
• Includes a realistically recreated seated pilot figure with Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) and ordnance components (AIM-9X Sidewinder x2 and GBU-12 Paveway II x4).
• Comes with three marking options:
• 34th FS, 388th FW, U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, Hill AFB, Utah
• 301st Fighter Squadron, 3rd Wing, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Misawa Air Base 302nd Fighter Squadron, 3rd Wing, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Misawa Air Base
• Includes masking stickers for painting demarcation of canopy and EOTS sensor fairing components, and a full-color painting guide.

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Part#: RVL04194

The Fokker D VII was by far the best German fighter of the First World War. It dominated the sky from January 1918. Power plant: 185 hp, 6 cyl. BMW III engine,max. speed: 200 km/h at 1000 m altitude.

Structurally detailed surfaces
Two MG's
Movable propellers

Transfers for one version (with lozenge markings):  Fokker D VII, JaSta 11,1918 Oblt. Rudolph Berthold

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Part#: TAM61029
1/48 McDonnell Douglas F15C Eagle

First deployed to units in 1979, the F-15C Eagle subsequently showcased its air superiority prowess during the 1991 Gulf War. This kit recreates this fighter complete with cockpit and radar details. The canopy may be assembled in either open or closed position and the intakes may be assembled in either full-up or down positions. Metal landing gear legs, ample ordnance, one pilot figure, and three marking options are also included.

All Plastic models are subject to Actual Shipping Cost due to size of box. Flat rate shipping does Not apply to Plastic Models.

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Part#: TAM61086

The P-47 was the first single-seated fighter to be equipped with a supercharger paired with a 2000hp engine, allowing it to fly at the same very high altitude as bombers. The P-47 was armed with eight 12.7mm machineguns. With the P-51 Mustang, the Thunderbolt constituted the main fighters of the US Army Air Force. This is the representation of P-47D early production that was nicknamed "razorback" because of the shape of its upper fuselage behind the cockpit. The P-47D was a high-speed, high-altitude capable fighter and escorted the allied bombers that were conducting raids over Germany. Its 1ton payload and its robustness made the Thunderbolt the perfect aircraft for ground attacking missions

The US Army Air Force excellent P-47D fighter/bomber assembly kit. 1/48 scale, Overall Length: 230mm, Overall Width: 259mm. This is the representation of P-47D early production that was nicknamed "razorback". The massive form of the plane, especially its belly and its cowling, has been accurately reproduced. Flaps come as separate parts and can be attached in the up or down position. 3 types of mirrors, gun sights and propellers are provided. Engine cowling flaps and the intercooler air outlets on each side of the fuselage can be represented in the opened or closed position. 500 pounds bombs, rocket launchers and 2 types of drop tanks are part of the kit. A pilot figure and decals for two different markings are included.

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Part#: TAM60770
TAMIYA 1/72 P-47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop

One of the most famous planes of WWII, the P-47D Thunderbolt was an outstanding single seat fighter plane excelling in high-altitude bomber escort and low-altitude ground attack. The P-47D featured a turbo-supercharged engine and was active on both the European and Pacific fronts. To solve the problem of insufficient visibility of earlier models, later Thunderbolt models were redesigned with a transparent bubble canopy, leading to the birth of the "Bubbletop".

Following the successful release of the P-47D "Razorback", Tamiya now introduces its successor, the "Bubbletop" to the 1/72 scale War Bird Collection.
At just 153mm it is the perfect size for collecting
Fuselage and canopy designed with all new parts to accurately represent bulky size
Loads of accessories including 500 pound bombs and M10 rocket launchers
Decals for 2 types of markings, including the 8th Air Force, 78th Fighter Group.

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Part#: TAM60789
TAMIYA 1/72 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien

This scale plastic model kit accurately depicts the Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien. The Hien was officially adopted by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1943, and stood out among its Japanese aircraft contemporaries in the Pacific War on account of its liquid-cooled Ha-40 engine, slimline fuselage and long, elegant wing. A number of different variants were produced, among them the Ki-61-Id which featured a 20cm-elongated nose to house 20mm cannons, plus 12.7mm machine guns in the wing. In fact, with 1,360 units it was the most prolifically produced Hien variant; its superior performance at higher altitudes meant that it was often given the brief of taking on incoming U.S. B29 bombers in the skies around the home islands of Japan.

• 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit. Approx. length: 125mm, approx. wingspan: 167mm.
• The model accurately depicts the Ki-61-Id Hien with elongated nose and slimline fuselage.
• The cockpit parts breakdown is changed from its 1/48 scale counterpart, and can be pre-assembled then slotted into the already-built fuselage sides.
• The fuselage underside radiator/oil cooler is artfully recreated with a single piece.
• One-piece canopy offers excellent fit with fuselage.
• Clear parts are included to recreate light and gun sight components.
• Optional Venturi tube and fuel cooler parts are included.
• Comes with 3 marking options, including the colorful tones of the 244th Air Group.

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Part#: RVL03886
REVELL OF GERMANY 1:32 Bücker Bü-131 Jungmann

Model of the Bü131; it is one of the best-known training aircraft and was used in large numbers by the Luftwaffe from 1939.
- Detailed engine
- Movable propeller
- Cockpit with 2 seats
- Detailed chassis
- Detailed surfaces
- Decals for 2 Luftwaffe versions

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Part#: ACD12528
ACADEMY 1/72 B-29A Bomber

This is the bomber that dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima (Enola Gay) and  Nagasaki (Bockscar.)

  • Accurate, finely engraved cock pit interior and bomb bay
  • Accurately detailed panel lines & rivets
  • "Little Boy" and "Fat Man bombs included
  • Choice of two markings: "Enola Gay" and "Bockscar"
  • 'Cartograf' premium quality decals included

This is a SPECIAL EDITION kit with limited availability.


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Part#: MON855257
MONOGRAM 1/72 Twin Mustang F-82G

Detailed plastic molded in light gray and clear
Movable propellers
Two figures with opening canopies
Open or closed gun compartments
Optional rockets, bombs, fuel tanks or radar pod
Waterslide decals for the F-82G, 46-377, 449th All Weather
Squadron Ladd Air Force Base, Alaska

Skill level: 2
Parts: 71
Length: 6-5/8" (168.27mm)
Wingspan: 8-7/16" (214.31mm)

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Part#: ACD12402

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Part#: TAM60749
1/72 North American P-51D Mustang

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.   

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Part#: ACY12447

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