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Part#: RMX851237
Revell Monogram - 1:35 The Black Diamond Pirate Ship

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Part#: RVL05165
REVELL OF GERMANY 1/72 Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-588/PT-57

Model kit of the patrols Torpedo boats of the US Navy used in large numbers in the Pacific War.
- Two-piece hull
- Detailed deck superstructures
- interiors
- Two rocket launchers
- torpedoes
- Various machine guns
- Display stand 

Authentic display of the following versions:
- PT-588, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron THIRTY NINE (PTRon 39), Pacific Fleet, Samar, P.I., July 1945
- PT-579, Engine Torpedo Boat Squadron THIRTY NINE (PTRon 39), Pacific Fleet, Samar, P.I., July 1945

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Part#: TAM78007
TAMIYA U.S. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier

The United States Navy Aircraft Carrier CVN-65 Enterprise, also known as the "Big E", is the worlds largest ship and the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Webster defines the word Enterprise as meaning"Undertaking, Project, A business organization, Initiative, etc.", and the CVN-65 fits all of these definitions perfectly.

The carrier Enterprise is the 8th U.S. Naval vessel to carry the name, and the first one was launched in 1755 as a one masted sailing ship that served during the American Revolution and its displacement was only about 1/1000 of the current namesake. Following the end of the second conflict, the U.S. Navy had on hand 99 aircraft carriers, with another 39 under construction, but with the completion of hostilities construction was halted and many of the others were mothballed. In 1947, only 20 carriers were in active service, including the Midway. With the advent of jet aircraft and heavier gross weights of the new planes, a large 60,000 ton class of carrier was discussed to cover these needs. Construction was begun on CVB-58 in 1949, a 65,000 ton class carrier, but was halted after only five days, because of a change in political thinking, wherein emphasis was placed upon tactical long range bombers instead.


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Part#: ATM352
ATLANTIS 1/320 USS Forrest Sherman Destroyer

Highly detailed kit which comes from the classic Revell tooling now owned by Atlantis. Measures 16 inches long when complete. Decals included for Forrest Sherman, Turner Joy and Edson destroyers. Flag Sheet. Skill level 2.

Our Price: $19.95
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Part#: ACD14220

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Part#: TAM78029

This is the 1:350 Scale US Battleship BB-63 Missouri Circa 1991 Plastic Model Kit from the Ship Series by Tamiya.

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in grey and black 
1985 model has been updated with new parts to enable depiction  of the Missouri as she appeared in 1991
Newly tooled parts include the bridge area, Tomahawk launcher  deck, aft bridge deck, funnel, aft funnel mast, dome-shaped radar, No.1 turret ventilator, Mk.37 gun director, deck ventilator, and RQ-2 Pioneer, etc
Highly detailed 12.7cm guns, Mk.38 Gun Fire Control System, and Mk.13 Fire Control Radar  AA radar, surface search radar, and discone-cage antenna are  reproduced with both plastic and photo-etched parts 
Photo-etched parts and stainless steel wire 
Stand enables full hull display 
Reference manual with images included (16 pages)
Waterslide decals
Illustrated instructions

One plastic model

Hobby knife
Cement for plastics
Sprue cutters
Paint (Matte Black, Haze Gray, Dull Red, Wooden Deck Tan, Gunmetal, Gold Leaf, Metallic Blue, Flat Black, Flat White, Copper,  Sky Gray, Dark Gray, Field Blue, Flat Earth, Metallic  Gray, Dark Green, German Gray, Light Gray)

Scale: 1/350
Length: 30.47" (774mm)
Beam: 3.72" (94.5mm)
Height: 71.65" (182mm)  

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

Our Price: $156.79
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Part#: TAM78013

This is a 1:350 scale Plastic German Battleship Bismarck from Tamiya.

On May 24th, 1941 the Royal Navy dealt one of its most shattering blows. 
The 42,000 ton German battlecruiser Bismarck was destroyed after an attack that lasted only eight minutes.  The Bismarck was the largest and most modern ship in service with the German fleet.  Three days after the most celebrated sea  chase of the Second World War, which involved no fewer that three British battleships, two battlecruisers, two aircraft carriers, nine cruisers, and countless destroyers, the Bismarck was reduced to a blazing hulk.  This came only nine months after she was commissioned.                                  
FEATURES: Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in gray.               
          Ready to assemble precision model kit.                              
          Exterior surface of hull is covered with minute engraved details.   
          The deck of the ship is brimming with startling details like:       
            -Railings and windows                                             
            -Huge turrets                                                     
            -Life boats                                                       
            -Ladders and stairs                                               
          RE-280 Motor is not included.                                       
          If you can't afford to build your own 41,700 ton battleship but still want one, then pick up this highly accurate model.          
          A large plastic stand with a "Bismarck" nameplate is included for display purposes.                                                 
          Detailed pictorial instructions.                                    
INCLUDES: One 1/350 Plastic German Battleship Bismarck                        
REQUIRES: Assembly                                                            
          Cement for plastics                                     
          Paint: Dark Seagrey, Dark Grey, Matt Black, Matt White, Hull Red, Light Blue, Deep Green, Matt Earth, Deck Tan                      
          RE-280 Electric Motor (optional)                                    
          Batteries (optional)                                                
          Sprue Cutter                                                        
          Modeling Knife                                                      
          File or Emery Board                                                 
          Glue Tips or Toothpicks                                             
          Water for Decals                                                    
          Adult Supervision                                                   
SPECS:    Scale:  1/350                                                       
          Length:    27" (68.6cm)                                             
          Width:  4-1/4" (10.7cm)                                             
          Height: 3-3/4" (9.9cm) (approximately)                              
COMMENTS: Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children.  Care should be taken when using tools and modeling knives. Modeling paint should only be used by an adult in a well-ventilated area.   

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: TAM71312
TAMIYA 1/700 US Aircraft Carrier Yorktown (Cv-5)

The USS Yorktown was completed in September 1937 as the first ship of her namesake-class and the U.S. Navy's sixth aircraft carrier. When the Pacific War broke out, she became the flagship of Task Force 17 under the command of Rear Admiral Frank J. Fletcher and conducted a number of operations around the Pacific. During the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, she helped thwart the Japanese Navy's advance on New Guinea despite suffering severe damage. Subsequently, at the Battle of Midway, the Yorktown and her sister ships USS Enterprise and USS Hornet defeated the Japanese Mobile Fleet, but the Yorktown herself suffered severe damage by torpedo and bomb hits from the aircraft of the Japanese carrier Hiryu. She was finally sunk by torpedoes from the Japanese submarine I-168. The Tamiya 1/700 scale model is a precise replica assembly kit of this iconic carrier during WWII.

Our Price: $40.59
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Part#: RMX850301
REVELL 1:535 USS Missouri Battleship

This battleship was the site of the Japanese surrender in World War II. Features: WWII configuration including scout planes on catapults. Requires paint and glue (not included).

Skill Level: 2
Scale: 1/535
Length: 20"
Width: 2-3/8"
Parts: 75

Our Price: $24.95
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Part#: ACD14214
1/700 Academy RMS Titanic Ocean Liner

Scale: 1/700
Product Type: Model Kits
Product Type 2: Plastic
Subject Type: Ocean Liners
Scales: 1/700
Category: Ships
Section: Model Kits
Size: 1/700 Scale
Model Subject: Civilian
Type: Model Kits

Our Price: $37.99
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Part#: ATM369
ATLANTIS 1/535 USS Iowa BB-61 Big Battleship Model Kit

1/535 Scale. Measures over 20 inches with over 71 parts. Includes 2 Sea Planes with Crane, Gun Turrets rotate, Barrels elevate. Artwork can be framed. Includes accurate and updated Decals and separate Flag Sheet.

Our Price: $22.99
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Part#: ACD14400
ACADEMY 1/600 USS Enterprise CVN-65

  • 100% New Tooling!
  • Built for the US Navy, it is the world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
  • Equipped with CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) and anti-air missiles for ship defense
  • Features various aircraft and ship vehicles, including towing tractors
  • Complete with display stand

Our Price: $61.99
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