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Part#: AANM3008
ATLANTIS Bismarck Battleship 1/618 Plastic Model Kit

The German battleship Bismarck proved conclusively to the British Admiralty that the German Navy was equipped with sophisticated warships that possessed awesome capabilities. Designed as a commerce raider, this famed Tirpitz class battleship relied on speed and endurance to overtake and destroy its foes. Over eight hundred feet in length, this leviathan displaced more than 42,000 tons and attained speeds in excess of thirty knots. Eight powerful fifteen-inch guns were fitted in four main turrets. During May of 1941, the Bismarck was destroyed in one of modern naval history's most famous battles. In a desperate attempt to gain access to the North Atlantic shipping lanes, the Bismarck was intercepted by a well-coordinated British Naval effort. During unrelenting battle, concentrated gunfire from from the German raider devastated the British Battleship Hood, but the feared German warship finally succumbed to repeated gunfire, bombing and torpedo attacks.

1/618 Scale.
Measures 16 inches long when complete.
Comes molded in gray with updated decals and instructions.
Skill level 2.

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Part#: AANL743
ATLANTIS 1/240 USS Gato Fleet Submarine Plastic Model Kit

Made in the USA!
This kit comes from the original and updated Varney tooling. Perhaps the first plastic model kit made in the USA! Goes back to the late 1940's. Build a piece of history. Molded in gray with retro box art. Features detailed propellers and diving planes, deck cannons and updated decals for the entire class of GATO Ships. Nice display stand. 

For a history lesson on the Gato Class Submarines, click the More Info tab.


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Part#: RMX850319
REVELL 1/72 PT-109 Patrol Torpedo Boat

 In World War II the PT (Patrol Torpedo) Boat was a fast, maneuverable and inexpensive attack craft that made a strong contribution to winning the war in the Pacific. The PT 109 was commanded by the United States’ 35th President, John F. Kennedy, Lt. (jg) USNR, and survived being cut in half by a Japanese destroyer. On that frightful night Lt. Kennedy was able to save his entire crew even to the extent of helping one who couldn't swim. 

 Two part hull
· Detailed superstructure
· Interior Cabins
· 37mm anti-tank gun on the foredeck
· Two paint schemes
· Authentic representation of the following versions
    1) PT-109, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 2, South Pacific, 2 August 1943, commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade (LTJG) John F. Kennedy
    2) PT-109, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 2, Tulagi Island, Solomon Islands, South Pacific, August 1942 - February 1943
· 4-color detailed instruction manual
· Molded in light gray and clear

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Part#: RMX05498

Simple model construction kit of the most famous ship in the world. Everyone knows the tragic story of her collision with an iceberg on her maiden voyage.

  • Structured planking on the hull
  • Structured planking on the decks
  • Display stand
  • Decal set and stickers included

Handicraft fun with great results for everyone age 10 or older. Quick results are guaranteed with the innovative easy-click system: Multi-colour, precisely made components fit together for a sturdy connection and decorated with stickers. No painting necessary! The model can also be painted, which makes it completely unique. A recommendation with up to 5 colours is included in the instruction manual.


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Part#: ACD14210

This is a 1/800 scale MRC/Academy plastic model kit. Launched May 21, 1960 and decommissioned from active service on May 12, 2009, the CV-63 U.S.S Kitty Hawk was the last conventionally-fuelled aircraft carrier used by the U.S. Navy. This fantastic kit includes a highly detailed superstructure and mast, finely engraved hull and deck details, deck elevators, and more. A full complement of 58 aircraft including fighters, bombers, helicopters, and E-2 Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning aircraft. Deck vehicles are also included in this kit. A comprehensive decal sheet, precise color chart and a large display stand complete this marvelous kit.

  • Highly detailed mast & superstructure
  • Various deck aircraft & vehicles included
  • Display stand with nameplate included

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