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Part#: TAM61063
TAMIYA 1/48 BF109E-4/7 Trop

The Messerschmitt Bf 109E was the Luftwaffe's mainstay fighter in the early stages of WWII. This kit depicts the E-4, which was produced from May 1940 and saw extensive action during the Battle of Britain, and the E-7, which was fitted with a drop tank for increased range. The angular form of the aircraft has been accurately reproduced complete with details such as a canopy that may be assembled in open or closed position, a rack for the E-7's drop tank, and the Trop version's air intake with sand filter. One pilot figure and three marking options are included.

All Plastic models are subject to Actual Shipping Cost due to size of box. Flat rate shipping does Not apply to Plastic Models.

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Part#: TAM61016

 Featuring a lightweight design, a 940hp Sakae 12 engine, and armed with two 7.7mm machine guns and two 20mm cannons, the A6M2 (Model 21) Zero was nearly invincible as Japan's military advanced across the Pacific in the early years of WWII. This kit accurately reproduces the form of this legendary aircraft and features fine surface details as well as a thorough cockpit. Canopy may be assembled in open or closed positions while the landing gear may also be depicted in deployed or retracted positions. The kit comes with two pilot figures and five marking options, including one for the aircraft flown by Japanese ace Saburo Sakai.

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Part#: TAM61117

 This precision model aircraft assembly kit depicts the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 variant. It compliments Tamiya’s other variants such as the E-3 and E-4/7 Trop. 

The Bf 109 is a legendary name in aviation, an aircraft which combined longevity and versatility in the hands of the Luftwaffe and other air forces. The G-6 was the most prolifically produced Bf 109, accounting for more than a third of the total. Introduced in early 1943, it could be fitted with underwing 20mm cannons in pods, or synchronized 13mm machine guns in distinctive bulges ahead of the cockpit, and was powered by the Daimler-Benz DB605A liquid-cooled V12, which gave a top airspeed of 640km/h. 

• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. 

• The model recreates a parked aircraft. 

• Richly-detailed depiction of the DB605A engine, a multi-part recreation. Engine cowlings can be depicted open to show off the beautiful rendering, complete with fine depictions of various auxiliary components. The cowlings can also be depicted as closed. Cowling and engine parts are attached via magnet to allow their exchange after the model has been assembled. 

• Distinctive dual radiator flaps in wings can be depicted in up or down positions, or a combination of the two. 

• Parts are included to recreate drop tank. 

• Can be assembled with canopy in open or closed position. 

• Kit includes 1 figure and 3 marking options. 

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Part#: TSM1668
TRUMPETER 1/72 Chinese J-15

The J-15 is a carrier-based fighter aircraft in development by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the 601 Institute for the PLAN's future aircraft carriers. Rumors initially claimed the aircraft was to be a semi-stealth variant, yet later reports indicate the aircraft is based on the Russian-designed Sukhoi Su-33 and is fitted with domestically produced radars and weapons. An unfinished Su-33 prototype, the T-10K-3, was acquired from Ukraine sometime in 2001 and is said to have been studied extensively, with development on the J-15 beginning immediately afterward. While the J-15 appears to be structurally based on the Su-33, it features avionics from the J-11B program.

Item No:  01668
Item Name:  Chinese J-15
Scale:  1:72
Item Type:  Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model Brief:  Length:304.1 mm   Width: 205.6mm 
Total Parts: 190+
Metal Parts:  n/a
Photo Etched Parts:  1 piece
Total Sprues:  12 sprues , upper hull and lower hull
More Features:  The kit consists of  over 190 parts , includes 6 clear parts. Fuselage & wing with finely engraved panel lines. 

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Part#: ACY12321
ACADEMY 1/48 Bf 109G-6/G-2 Plastic Model Kit

Molded in gray
Choice of Bf 109G-2 or Bf 109G-6
Positionable canopy
Choice of armored headrests
Optional tropical air filter
Choice of main wheel types
Optional drop tank
Optional underwing gun pods
Optional umbrella sun shade for parking in desert conditions

Decals for:

Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Red 13, 11./JG 27, Kalamaki, Greece, 1943
Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Stab II./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Yellow 7, 6./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
Bf 109G-6/R3/R6/Trop, Yellow 14, 6./JG 53, Sicily, Italy, 1943
Bf 109G-2/Trop, Yellow 14, 3./JG 27, North Africa, 1942Bf 109G-2/Trop, Yellow 14, Stab I./JG 77, North Africa, 1942
Bf 109G-2, Yellow 3, 9./JG 54, Dubrovka, Russia, 1942
Bf 109G-6/R3, Yellow 1, 9./JG 54, Ludwigslust, Germany, 1944

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Part#: ACY12327
ACADEMY 1/48 Ta 183 Huckebein Plastic Model Kit

 From Wikipedia:
  "The Focke-Wulf Ta 183 Huckebein was a design for a jet-powered fighter aircraft intended as the successor to the Messerschmitt Me 262 and other day fighters in Luftwaffe service during World War II. It was developed only to the extent of wind tunnel models when the war ended, but the basic design was further developed postwar in Argentina as the FMA IAe 33 Pulqui II" (by its designer Kurt Tank who fled to Argentina at the end of WWII.) "The name Huckebein is a reference to a trouble-making raven (Hans Huckebein der Unglücksrabe) from an illustrated story in 1867 by Wilhelm Busch."

Design elements from the Ta 183 where used by the U.S., The Soviet Union, Sweden, France and other countries jet aircraft in the late 40's and 50's.

Model Features:
Nice ejection seat with photo-etched pilot restraints
Optional boarding steps
Canopy molded closed
Positionable landing gear
Choice of closed centerline bay or open with external tank and mounts
Choice of Jumo or Heinkel engine exhausts
Optional air-to-air missiles (4)

The kit provides markings for the following subjects:
Ta 183, Commander JV 44, 1946, as flown by General Adolf Galland
Ta 183, Red 13, JV 44, 1946, as flown by Oberst Heinz Baer
Ta 183, White 3, unknown unit, 1946
Ta 183, Red 1, JG 1, 1946
Ta 183, Stab/JG 7, 1946
Ta 183, Bort 2, Soviet test aircraft

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Part#: ACY12521
ACADEMY 1/72 USN F-8E VF-162

Positionable canopy
Positionable wing (designed to be displayed up)
Positionable leading edge flaps
Positionable tail hook
Positionable landing gear
Positionable speed brake
Positionable stabilators

External Stores:
2 x MERs
8 x Mk.82 Snakeyes
2 x single-rail Sidewinder launchers
2 x dual-rail Sidewinder launchers
2 x AIM-9B Sidewinders
2 x single-tube Zuni rocket tubes (loaded)
2 x dual-tube Zuni rocket tubes (loaded)

Markings for:
F-8E, BuNo 149203, VF-162, AH/00, USS Oriskany, 1966, CAG aircraft
F-8E, BuNo 150303, VF-103, AJ/201, USS Forrestal, 1964, skipper's aircraft

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Part#: ACY12618
ACADEMY 1/144 B-47 Stratojet '306th BW(M)'

Basic front and rear cockpits with ejection seats
One-piece canopy
Choice of clear nose for B-47B, hard nose for B-47E, or hog nose for RB-47H
Choice of wingtips
Choice of molded-in fuselage external RATO attachments or replacement inserts for earlier internal RATO system
Choice of outboard engine pylons
Choice of ventral undernose radomes
Choice of tail cone or tail guns
Optional bulged bomb bay for RB-47H
Optional ventral bulge under rear fuselage for RB-47H 

Decal markings for the following aircraft:
B-47B, 51-2212, 306 BW(M), MacDill AFB, 1950s, Square P
B-47B, 50-042, 305 BW(M), MacDill AFB, 1953, Square G
B-47E, 51-7071, 22 BW(M), March AFB, 1954
B-47E, 51-7062, 22 BW(M), March AFB, 1954
B-47E, 51-7055, 22 BW(M), March AFB, 1954
B-47B-II, 51-2324, 305 BW(M), MacDill AFB, 1954
B-47B-II, 51-2236, 320 BW(M), March AFB, 1959
B-47B-II, 51-2307, 320 BW(M), March AFB, 1959
B-47B-II, 51-2231, 320 BW(M), March AFB, 1959
RB-47H, 53-4291, 55 SRW Det 2, Yokota AB, 1965
RB-47H, 53-4280, 55 SRW Det 1, RAF Upper Heyford, 1967


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Part#: RMX855871
REVELL 1/48 TOPGUN Maverick’s F/A-18E Super Hornet

A model kit of Maverick’s F/A-18E Super Hornet from the film “Top Gun: Maverick”, in which Pete “Maverick” Mitchell who has now become a legend, passes his extraordinary flying skills on to the new Top Gun generation.
Detailed surfaces with recessed panel lines
Center fuel tank
Authentic full color Top Gun waterslide decals
MK83 bombs and AIM guided rockets
Separate cockpit access ladder
Molded in light gray and clear
Skill Level: 5
Scale: 1/48
Length: 15.03"
Wingspan: 11.18"
Parts: 161 

Our Price: $26.95
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Part#: ATM6779/AANM6779
ATM Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel with Motor SNAP

Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel Snap Model Kit w/Motor: Considered to be the most popular model kit of all time and it has never been reissued! Snoopy is ready for battle against the dreaded Red Baron, a fight that has gone on for decades as illustrated in the Peanuts comic strips. This plastic model kit comes molded in yellow, black, red and white. No painting is required. Made from the Original molds dated 1971. The retro packaging will bring you back to a happier time.This snap-together kit also includes a motor and motor contact for the operating propeller. 38 pieces in all. Colorful sticker sheet included. Requires 1 AA 1.5 volt battery (not included). Wingspan measures 8 Inches with a height of 7.5 inches. Colorful cartoon instructions. Easy to Assemble and ready for immediate desktop display. Officially licensed with Peanuts Worldwide LLC and is 100% authentic.

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Part#: AANH246
Boeing 707-120 1/139 Airliner Plastic Model Kit Atlantis

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Part#: TAM61062
TAMIYA 1/48 De Havilland Mosquito Fb-Mk.6

Nicknamed "The Wooden Wonder" due to its nearly all-wood construction, the de Havilland Mosquito was initially conceived as a fast, unarmed bomber and went on to serve in that and many other roles during WWII. This kit depicts the NF Mk.II nightfighter and FB Mk.VI fighter-bomber variants which were introduced in Spring 1942 and Spring 1943 respectively. Parts are included for the NF Mk.II's nose- and wing-mounted radar antenna as well as 500lb bombs and rockets for the FB Mk.VI. The bomb bay may be fitted with bombs and also features details for the fuel tank and 20mm cannon magazines. Two pilot figures and three marking options are included.


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