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Part#: ACD18185
Academy Hobby DaVinci Series G.E.T. Clock Model Kit

 SNAP TOGETHER model of DaVinci's Clock

Easy to build
Complete step-by-step Instructions
No glue, no paint, no tools needed
Beautifully detailed
Learn, enjoy the operation, collect the seriesG. Gear system rotation
E. Escapement mechanism
T. Tourbillion movement
Inspired by the principles of Leonardo Da Vinci, the G.E.T. Clock has incorporated the mechanism of the real time pieces. An escapement is a device in a clock or watch that controls the motion of the gear train and transmits the energy from the movement to the pendulum or balance wheel. A tourbillion is a portion in a mechanical watch and is used to increase the accuracy by minimizing errors due to the effects of gravity.
Requires NO Glue, Paint or Batteries - GET

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Part#: ATM6779/AANM6779
ATM Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel with Motor SNAP

Snoopy and his Sopwith Camel Snap Model Kit w/Motor: Considered to be the most popular model kit of all time and it has never been reissued! Snoopy is ready for battle against the dreaded Red Baron, a fight that has gone on for decades as illustrated in the Peanuts comic strips. This plastic model kit comes molded in yellow, black, red and white. No painting is required. Made from the Original molds dated 1971. The retro packaging will bring you back to a happier time.This snap-together kit also includes a motor and motor contact for the operating propeller. 38 pieces in all. Colorful sticker sheet included. Requires 1 AA 1.5 volt battery (not included). Wingspan measures 8 Inches with a height of 7.5 inches. Colorful cartoon instructions. Easy to Assemble and ready for immediate desktop display. Officially licensed with Peanuts Worldwide LLC and is 100% authentic.

Our Price: $26.99
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Part#: AMT1067
AMT 1:25 Li'l Gypsy Wagon Show Rod Scale Model Kit

    1:25 scale, skill level 2, paint and cement required
    Molded-in White, chrome, and clear
    Two window color options
    Pre-lettered rear tires
    Expanded decal sheet
    Vintage original packaging
    Ages 10+

Our Price: $32.99
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Part#: AANM5697
ATLANTIS 1/24 Tom Daniel Groovy Grader Model Kit

"Need a drag strip in a hurry? Here's your baby! This is gotta be the world's fastest road grader. The old diesel engine was ripped out and a big blown rat motor was stuffed into the chopped customized grader body. Four giant dual slicks are independently suspended on the rear axles. With a touch of that vintage look, a pair of antique side lamps are mounted up front for night work, and the big chrome scraper blade is just looking for hills to level."

1/24 Scale. This classic Tom Daniel design comes molded in Yellow with rubber tires, lots of chrome, moveable parts, rolling wheels. All new colorful, well deserved artwork by Kelly Daniel. Also features a new decal sheet with 2 very groovy options including TD Construction Co. Skill level 2.

Our Price: $26.99
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Part#: AMT1086
AMT Construction Bulldozer 1/24th Scale


Our Price: $43.99
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Part#: MPC924
MPC 1/25 1933 Willys Panel Paddy Wagon (Monopoly)

  • Easy SNAP-together assembly
  • 1:25 Scale – Skill 2 – Paint & Cement optional
  • Molded-in blue, red and black with chrome, clear and clear red flashers
  • Colorful decals featuring authentic Monopoly graphics
  • Fun Monopoly-inspired illustrated packaging

Our Price: $32.99
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Part#: PLL901
Polar Lights 1:25 Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Snap Kit

The all-new Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine!

Kit Features:
    Scale: 1/25
    Skill Level: 1 (ages 8 and up)
    Snap assembly, no glue or paint required
    Molded-in turquoise
    All NEW vehicle tooling
    Includes pre-painted figures- Scooby and Shaggy
    Prepainted details
    Rear doors open; wheels spin freely
    Stickers included

Our Price: $21.99
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Part#: TAM12685
Tamiya Vietnam War U.S. MCI Cartons 1/35 Model Kit

 The Tamiya Vietnam War U.S. MCI Cartons 1/35 Model Kit makes it easy to add even more realism to your Vietnam War-era U.S. models. Around 1960, the MCI (Meal, Combat, Individual) replaced C-Rations as the combat rations issued by U.S. armed forces, and was widely supplied in the Vietnam War. One carton contained 12 rations, each with four cans: one contained an entrée such as meat or spaghetti, one package of crackers, one jam, and one dessert. It also included an accessory pack with salt, sugar, tissue paper and more.

1/35 scale assembly kit
Realistic 3-part recreation of the MCI cartons, which can be shown in or removed from their sleeve
Dimensions: 200x100mm
Contains parts to make 9 cartons

Our Price: $3.99
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Part#: AMTPP017
AMT AMT Garage Accessory Set #3

Introducing the Garage Accessory Series from the KATs at AMT! Featuring all-new tooling, these kits will add some dynamic dyno-mite detail to any 1/25 scale automotive diorama! Model car displays will come alive with the Garage Accessory Series from AMT!

  • 2-Post Car Lift with Display Base
  • Adjustable Height Hauteur Reglable
  • Telescoping Arms
  • Figure
  • Impact Wrench

Featuring new parts tooling!
1/25 scale accessory diorama kits
Skill 2, paint & cement required
A large full-color decal sheet
Retro-styled packaging

Our Price: $28.99
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Part#: TAM35025
TAMIYA 1/35 Sand Bag plastic model

Our Price: $4.75
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Part#: ACD18157
Academy Hobby DaVinci Flying Pendulum Clock

 Flying Pendulum Clock is based on a da Vinci sketch

No glue, paint or battery needed to build and operate
Uses laws of motion and a "flying" vertical pendulum design to keep time
Weights act as the power source. Clock speed is controlled by adding or reducing weight
Pendulum moves precision gears which keep time
Easy to follow instructions. Fun to build. Entertaining to watch it operate.

Our Price: $24.29
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Part#: ATM1833
ATLANTIS MODELS 1/110 Atlas Rocket With Mercury Capsule

On February 20, 1962, John Herschel Glenn, Jr. piloted the Mercury Atlas "Friendship 7 " spacecraft on America's first manned orbital mission of the Earth. After Launching from Kennedy Space center in Florida, Glenn successfully completed a three-orbit mission around the Planet. The Mission lasted 4 hours, 55 minutes, and 23 seconds from launch to impact, and during it Glenn reached an orbital velocity of 17,500 miles hour and a maximum altitude of approximately 162 miles. The flight was received with great enthusiasm and relief in the United States and many other countries, it also gave the United States even more hope of someday reaching the moon.

1/110 Scale. Over 150 parts! Molded in Gray plastic with educational booklet, water slide decals.Includes Hauler, "Launch Pad", Fuel Tanker, Liquid Oxygen Tank, and more. Great S.T.E.M. project.

Our Price: $32.99
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