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Part#: TAM32409

 This is a model figure set of WWI British Infantry. The set can be used for interesting diorama scenes or as a stand-alone model set.

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Part#: TAM35298
1/35 German Field Commander Set (ICM)

This is a 1/35 Scale German Field Commander Set Plastic Model Kit from Tamiya.  For ages 10 years and up 

Three officer figures in poses as if conducting a field meeting 
One kneeling soldier figure using the wireless radio
One NCO figure checking his pistol 
Accessories include: binoculars, Walther holster, Luger holster, Luger P-08, MP40 Machine pistol, MP40 Magazine pouch and a Map case 
Includes paper maps 
Painting and markings guide on the box 

Five figures

Our Price: $17.19
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Part#: TAM35013
TAMIYA 1/35 U.S. Army Infantry Kit

Our Price: $4.95
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Part#: HSG36004
1/48 US Ground Crew A

                 This is the 1/48 Scale US Ground Crew A                      
                      Plastic Model Kit from Hasegawa.                        
                         Suitable for Ages 14 & Up.                           
FEATURES: (1) A/M32A-60A Generator Set - Provides external power and high     
            pressure air for starting jet and turboprop aircraft              
          (1) TTU-228/E Hydraulic Test Stand - Provides external aircraft     
            hydraulic system pressure                                         
          (1) F4B Fire Extinguisher                                           
          (3) Pilot Figures - 3 different poses                               
          (6) Flight Line Personnel in different poses                        
INCLUDES: One plastic model                             

Our Price: $17.99
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Part#: TAM35339

 This newly-designed and molded set of accurate WWI British infantry figures is the perfect complimentary figure set to go with Tamiya"s first WWI tank, the WWI British Tank Mk.IV Male. It"s the perfect figure set to create interesting WWI dioramas. 

4 figures with weapons only.

Our Price: $19.39
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Part#: TAM35184


Our Price: $11.69
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Part#: TAM35180

 Powerplants are crucial components for any motorized vehicle and combat vehicles are no exception. Along with fire power and crew protection, maneuverability directly effects survivability. During WWII, Germany"s Tiger I heavy tank initially used a Maybach V-12 cylinder, 21,400cc HL210 P45 gasoline engine. It had a maximum output of 650 horsepower and plenty of low RPM torque; however, propelling a 65 ton chassis through rough terrain was not easy, even for this well engineered unit. On the Russian front during summer months, the engine would overheat and sometimes caught fire, due to the heavy loads and work far exceeding its limits. In order to check the engine oil level and radiator coolant, the Tiger I had to stop every 45 minutes of running time during the summer. Maintenance of the engine was usually the driver"s responsibility, but once trouble occurred, the whole crew was compelled to fixing it. These problems and breakdowns were other "battles" for the crew. At a later date, the improved Maybach HL230 P30 engine, with 700 horsepower was used in late production versions of the Tiger I, the Panther, and the King Tiger. Daily maintenance and repair work were still indispensable, and to make maintenance more efficient, an engineer was dispatched from Maybach to the maintenance company of each Tiger heavy tank battalion, to assist in servicing the engines.

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Part#: TAM35320
TAMIYA 1/35 WW2 German Field Military Police

Most German Army divisions in WWII usually had their own field military police platoons. These units were tasked with directing traffic along routes of advance and resupply, manning checkpoints, handling prisoners as well as deserters, and maintaining law and order of captured territories. Soldiers in these field military police units were distinguished by insignia on the left sleeves of their uniforms as well as a special gorget on their chest, which led regular soldiers to derisively call them "chain dogs."

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Part#: TAM35027

This is a Plastic 1:35 Scale Barricade Set from Tamiya.

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

For modelers 10 years of age and up.                       
FEATURES: Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in dark green.          
          Ready to assemble plastic model kit.                                 
          Pieces included for rolled barbed wire infantry obatacle, prepared barbed wire defence, and anti-tank obstacles.                      
          Highly detailed logs.                                                
          Pictorial instructions.                                  
SPECS:    Scale: 1/35  


Our Price: $4.75
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Part#: TAM35192
TAMIYA 1/35 U.S. Army Assault Infantry Set

Our Price: $11.69
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Part#: TAM35048
1/35 US Infantry Euro Theater

This is a set of 1/35 plastic US WWII Infantry Soldiers from the West European theatre of war, manufactured by Tamiya. Recommended for ages 10 and over. 

Highly detailed parts are molded in dark green and attached to sprue trees.
8 total soldiers, all in various poses of movement, some in battle, some merely walking.
Box includes painting schemes and photos of finished soldiers.
Soldiers all have helmets and are represented by drab military uniforms that are fairly loose fitting.
Pieces include unassembled body parts, helmets, backpacks, armament, and canteens. 
Box contains nearly all Japanese writing, along with some English and very helpful illustrations.

One 1:35 Set of US Infantry Soldiers from the West European Theater of World War II

Our Price: $6.59
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Part#: TAM35061
1/35 German Panzer Grenadiers

 This is a 1/35 Scale Plastic Military Miniature German Panzer Grenadiers WWII Set from Tamiya.  For ages 10 and over.  

Detailed plastic parts molded in military green and attached to sprue trees. 
8 detailed German soldiers, all engaged in various acts of war.
Each soldier carries a long gun, wears a helmet, has various war accessories, such as backpacks, canteens, bed rolls, more weaponry, and thick belts around their waists.
Soldiers wear long black boots and buttoned jackets.
Box includes detailed illustrations of all soldiers engaged in battle, fully painted.
Waterslide decals included.

Eight 1/35 Plastic German Panzer WWII Grenadiers

Our Price: $6.59
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