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Part#: KAL12471
KALMBACH Realistic Animation Lighting & Sound 2nd Edition

This completely redesigned edition helps modelers use today’s technology to add interest and action to their model railroad layouts. Enthusiasts learn how to install streetlights and building lights, use fiber optics, and simulate neon sign lighting. A working coal tipple, a spinning windmill, and a wig-wag crossing signal are just a few of the projects included.
From Model Railroader

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Part#: KAL108405
KALMBACH Wiring Your Toy Train Layout - Second Edition

Wiring is fundamental to toy train operation, and this updated classic covers how to set up conventional wiring using today’s technology. Key topics include wiring simple and advanced layouts, two-train operation, organizing the control panel, wiring operating accessories, and much more, all clearly explained by experienced operator Peter Riddle.

• Features essential wiring for O gauge railroads
• Includes 80+ wiring schematics and diagrams
• Updated for today’s technology

Author: Peter Riddle
Size: 8 1/4 x 10 3/4
Pages: 96
Color photos: 150

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Part#: ATO6008
Atlas O 6008 Thirty-Six O Scale Layout Track Plans

Atlas O 3-Rail 21st Century Track System(TM) track is designed to have the look of North American prototype trackage. Sections feature Code 148 solid nickel silver rail, blackened center rail, scale-sized ties with accurate tie plate, spike and bolt detail; a snap-lock system that securely holds the track sections together and ensures exact alignment and detailed rail joiners. The dark brown (or concrete-colored as specified) injection-molded tie strip has a special UV additive designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Flex-track is also part of the line offering you the opportunity for completely prototypical track planning. Perfect for use with all 3-rail O gauge trains. This track is part of the complete 3-rail and 2-rail AtlasO 21st Century Track System.

Thirty-Six O Scale Layout Track Plans

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Part#: TMB300
TM VIDEOS Modern O Guage TMCC and Legacy Book

Learn everything there is to know about LEGACY. We took a survey. Turns out 80% of those who have LEGACY are getting only 20% of what LEGACY offers.
This book's content is aimed at both the beginner and the expert. We cover basics like installation, how to phase transformers, install common ground wiring, compare TMCC CAB-1 with LEGACY Cab-2, program both TMCC and LEGACY locomotives, Sequence Control, Lashing Up, Momentum and Feedback, Action Recorder, STM2 Switch Throw Monitor, Train Link, ASC2 Switch Controller, Updating CAB-2 and LEGACY base, LionChief Plus, Sensor Track, SC-2 Module, plus a lot more.
You will be amazed how easy LEGACY is to use, and the fun you will have. It's a game changer.
Easy to follow, 96 pages, with 220 color photos.

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Part#: KAL12828
KALMBACH Realistic Layouts: Use the Art of Illusion to Model

 Do you want to take your modeling to the next level? With Realistic Layouts you'll learn how to blend various elements so they all work together to create a feeling that your models are part of - and connected to - the real world. 

This book features:
How to apply different techniques and ideas to your layout in order to improve realism.
Many techniques including creating realistic backdrops and blending them with scenery, integration of structures, using bridges to suggest changes in elevation, using mirrors to expand apparent space, and much more.
Outstanding model railroad photography and a variety of layouts.
Author: C.J. Riley
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 96

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Part#: BAC99978
E-Z Model Railroads: Track Planning Guide

With E-Z Model Railroads, beginning and advanced modelers can learn how to set up and run a railroad using Bachmann's snap-fit E-Z Track system. From choosing a layout style to wiring and track planning techniques, readers are walked through virtually every step of the design and construction process.

    Six in-depth layouts, plus 20 additional layout designs
    Tips for beginning to advanced modelers, including weathering and scenery chapters
    124 color pages
    Tips for beginners to advanced modelers
    The easiest way to plan your layout

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Part#: KAL108327
Modern Toy Train Repair and Maintenance

From tools, materials, and workbench setup to troubleshooting and electronics, well-known toy train mechanic Dick Teal demonstrates techniques for keeping toy trains from contemporary manufacturers in excellent condition. Includes steps for proper lubrication, TMCC/DCS troubleshooting, and the right way to replace traction tires, batteries, and light bulbs. It's the essential workbench guide for toy train operators.



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Part#: KAL108160

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Part#: KAL12462
Model Railroader’s Guide to Mountain Railroading

With its dramatic scenery and challenging operations, mountain railroading is an appealing theme that crosses many regions and all eras. Respected author Tony Koester offers insight into layout and track planning, and compares narrow gauge with standard gauge railroads. Essential advice on achieving realistic mountain operation is included, along with tips for working relevant scenery into the layout.

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Part#: KAL108803
Build A Better Toy Train Layout

When you think of a “better“ toy train layout, what comes tp mind? Everyone‘s got an idea of what makes a layout better - how do you decide what‘s right for you? This book contains easy-to-follow advice which includes inventive ways to mix rolling stock and accessories of different scales, innovative solutions for cleaning and maintaining track, and creative ideas for unique scenery and details.

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Part#: KAL108615
American Flyer Pocket Price Guide 1946-2015

Its key features are:
Adhesive (Perfect) bound paperback guide
Data needed before buying, selling, or trading any American
Flyer or S gauge train within the pages of this guide
Provides you with current market prices for American Flyer trains produced between 1946 and 2015
Brief description of each item with production date and significant variations
Pricing information provided for items in good or excellent condition

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Part#: KAL108910
9th Edition Marx Trains Pocket Price Guide

9th Edition Marx Trains Pocket Price Guide. Contains updated market values
Helps collectors make informed buying and selling decisions
Convenient pocket-sized edition
80 pages
4 x 8.5 in
This edition features updated information for Marx trains and related toys. This compact book is the perfect pocket companion for train shows and auctions.

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