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Part#: MST6001

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The Abbott Downing Company of Concord, New Hampshire built its first stagecoach in 1827. These coaches were used for passenger and mail service between St. Louis and San Francisco. Abbott produced coaches for both Wells Fargo and Butterfield Overland Stage companies.

Weighing over two tons, the coaches were solidly built. The bodies rested on leather throughbraces - not for the passengers' comfort, but to prevent injury to the horses. The wheels were made of seasoned white oak to withstand the heat and the cold. Leather "boots" front and back held mail sacks and luggage.

The interior was just over 4' wide and 4-1/2' high. Three benches provided seating for nine passengers. They traveled day and night, suffering from choking dust and stifling heat in the summer, intense cold in the winter and the ever-present threat of robbers and hostile Indians. After completing the 2,812-mile journey, one newspaper correspondent wrote, "Had I not just come out over the route, I would be perfectly willing to go back, but I now know what hell is like. I've just had 24 days of it."

An act of congress discontinued stagecoach mail service on June 30, 1861. The stagecoach era came to an end with the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869.

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Part#: MST6002

This is the Model Trailways Conestoga Wagon 1:12 Scale

The Conestoga wagon originated in the Conestoga Valley near Lancaster, PA around 1750. It was shaped like a boat with both ends curved upward to keep its load from shifting while climbing the steep Appalachian roads. Large wheels kept the cargo dry when crossing rivers, and a water-proof canvas cover protected passengers from heat, rain and snow. Barrels on the sides of the wagon stored water and toolboxes held tools needed for repairs. A grease bucket tied to the back made sure that axles and wheels were properly greased.

The Conestoga wagon was a large, lumbering vehicle that could carry up to 8 tons of cargo. It traveled about 15 miles a day. Because of its tremendous size and weight, the Conestoga wagon required between four and twelve horses to pull it.

Our kit is the most historically accurate Conestoga wagon ever produced. Highly detailed realistic materials include laser-cut basswood body and wheel parts, metal hubs and axels, miniature nails, canvas cover and scale rope and chain. A sheet of photo-etched brass parts replicates the hardware and decorations of a full size wagon. The finished model is complete with working brakes and suspension. Five sheets of plans plus clearly written illustrated instructions make building easy.  

Length 19” • Height 9” • Width 6”

Scale 1” = 12” (1:12)

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Part#: MST6004

At a large 1:12 scale (1" = 1 ft.), our model is historically accurate and relatively easy to build. Kit features laser-cut basswood sheets and basswood strips. Expertly cast Britannia metal parts include sprigs, axles, front & rear foot steps, luggage rail, seat rail, apron hand rail, cross and axle braces, couplings, fifth wheel, mounting brackets, whip holder and many other details. A sheet of photo-etched brass parts provides additional life-like detail. Detailed plan drawings and 32-page illustrated instruction manual assure trouble-free assembly.

Model Trailways Kit No. MS6004

Length 9-3/4 / Width 5-1/4 / Height (without whip) 5-1/4 / Scale 1:12 (1 = 1 ft.)

Difficulty Level:  Intermediate Level

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Part#: ROEMC401
ROBOTIME V8 Grand Prix Car

 Grand Prix Car is a 116 scale model replica of the 1910s sports car that leads the family car performance into the next era. This ROKR puzzle has vivid details with realistic structures, which need patience and dexterity while assembling. It will be a great DIY gift for your son or boyfriend.

Ages: 14+

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Part#: ROEMC701
ROBOTIME Army 4x4 Field Car

 Robotime-ROKR 3D wooden puzzle Army Jeep MC701 is a 1:18 scale model self-assembling kit. It is a robust and tough army field vehicle with a realistic mechanism. Build this wooden army jeep with your own hands. It is a creative hands-on gift for your friends & family.

Assembled Size:189*99*89 mm (7.44*3.89*3.5 in)
Package Size: 228*153*16 mm (8.97*6.02*0.63 in)
Wood Pieces: 369 pcs
Weight: 271g
Assembly Time: Around 4-5 Hours
Note: It's a motionless scale model. No glue is needed.

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Part#: MST6005
Model Trailways Cowboy Chuck Wagon 1860 1:12 Scale

 This 1/12th scale authentically detailed model kit also contains a number of true to life accessories. A canvas cover, miniature rope and phot etched detailing add the final touches to a beautiful model.

Model Trailways kit contains everything you need to build an authentically detailed scale model. Basswood parts are laser cut for a perfect fit. True-to-life accessories include brass rod, rings, eyebolts and photo-etch detailing. Spoked wooden wheels with machined aluminum hubs and rubberized rims are as realistic as you can get. Canvas cover, miniature rope and blackened metal chain, miniature nuts and bolts add the final touches to a beautiful model and valuable keepsake.
Six sheets of clearly drawn plans and illustrated assembly book guide you through construction.
Model Trailways Kit No. MS6005
Length 10 / Height 9 / Scale 1:12 
Difficulty Level:  Intermediate Level

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