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Part#: MAMV22
1/64 Mamoli MV22 - Blue Shadow

A brig built in 1778 for the American Navy. Equipped with 12 guns, it is characterIzed by the very high masting and by the great surface of sails, in addition to the classic one, formed by the studding-sail and by the top-gallant studding-sail, both on the main and on the fore mast.

Length 695 mm, Height 550 mm

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Part#: MAMV47
1/100 Mamoli MV47

James Cook, the great discoverer of the Pacific region , was born in 1728 as the son of a farmer. Over a number of years he acquired seamanlike experience and in 1755 joined the British Royal Fleet where he made it to the rank of a “master” within a short period of time. In 1768 he was handed over the command of a scientific exploration trip to the South Pacific. The ship to be used for this project was the “Endeavour”, which was a remodelled brig. Its solid structure made it extremely seaworthy. In order to accommodate a group of astronomers and scientists the vessel was modified considerably. The Endeavour left Plymouth in the direction of Cape Horn and reached its port of destination, Tahiti, in April 1769. After completion of the necessary scientific studies, Cook went on towards New Zealand, where he remained until the end of March 1770. A total of 2400 miles of coastline were recorded.

Length: 430 mm, Height: 360 mm


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Part#: MAMV35
1/72 Mamoli MV35 Hunter

The Hunter is a well-equipped cutter, built for the British Navy, with many more or less similar copies, in the second half of the seventeenth century. Its purpose was to face smugglers, who, incidentally, were the first to use this type of ship (it seems that the English shipyards built them in pairs; one for the smugglers and one for Customs). Of course, the Hunter was also used as a coast guard and for military functions of port survey, scouting, warding and so on. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, sports boats and those meant for the regattas were derived from these cutters. The model, reproduced on a scale of 1:72, is of a cutter built towards 1797. It is equipped with 12 guns and several culverins.

Length: 440 mm, Height: 444 mm

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Part#: DUS005
Viking Longship Model Boat Kit Scale 1/35

 The Viking Longship 1:35 Model Ship Kit is manufactured by Dusek Model Ship Kits & Dusek Model Boats. Dusek Model Ship Kits come complete with excellent English instructions and highly detailed drawings. Laser cut plywood, timber and all parts are fittings are of the highest quality. These ship model kits are well presented and historically accurate.

History of the Viking Longship
This model represents a similar long ship to that found near the village of Skuldelev in Denmark, which is known as Skuldelev 2. The original was constructed primarily of oak wood about the year 1060 in Dublin. The ship was 30 metres long with a width of 3.8 metres. The ship could sail with 60-100 Viking warriors onboard and was driven by a large rectangular sail. In the case of no wind, there were 60 oars.
33-1/2" (850mm)
18-1/2" (470mm)

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Part#: MSW2015
Model Shipways Fair American

Fair American, 14-Gun Privateer, 1778
by Model Shipways
Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

Model Shipways' Fair American is a reproduction of a model built over 200
years ago, now on exhibit at the U.S. Naval Academy Museum at Annapolis, MD.
She is said to represent the 14-gun privateer Fair American sailing out of Charleston in 1778.

Plank-on-bulkhead construction uses high quality basswood, the preferred wood
of professional modelers. All structural hull parts and major fittings are laser cut,
so they fit together with remarkable ease. Model Shipways’ Fair American kit
contains over 60 cut or shaped wooden parts, plus 120 extra wood strips for a
second layer of planking, should you wish to build your model with a double
planked hull. More than 500 fittings of wood, brass and Britannia metal fittings
include 14 brass guns on wooden carriages, cannon, chainplates, bell, anchors
and wheel. Six plan sheets a 48 page instruction book by Erik A.R. Ronnberg, Jr.
and Ben Lankford, plus a 38-page guide to planking the hull make building easy.
(Display base and brass pedestals are not included.)

Length 26-1/2" / Height 22" / Scale 1/4" = 1 ft. (1:48) 

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate Level

Model Shipways Fair America Privateer model ship kit


Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: MSW2027
Model Shipways Phantom

Phantom, New York Pilot Boat by Model Shipways
Solid hull kit
Includes copper hull strips & basswood launching ways!

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

More Info
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Part#: MSW2028
Model Shipways Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake, American Privateer by Model Shipways
Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

 The privateer Rattlesnake was built at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1780.Despite her moderate size of 89 feet on deck, she was fast and weatherly.She sailed with 85 men and carried twenty 6-pounders. She captured overa million dollars worth of British goods on her first cruise, establishing a reputation as a formidable vessel. The British ordered her captured at any cost. She was seized by the 44-gun H.M.S. Assurance in 1783, sent to England and taken into the Royal Navy.She was sold out of service in 1786.

One of the mainstays of the Model Shipways line, Rattlesnake features plank-on-bulkhead construction with laser cut basswood components and lead-free Britannia metal castings. Brass fittings include eyebolts, and rings, wire and strip material.Your finished Model Shipways kit will be an authentic replica, with four sizes each of gray running and black standing rigging, 110 wooden deadeyes and over 200 blocks.

Four sheets of plans (two by George F. Campbell outlining hull details and rig plan, plus two by Ben Lankford showing plank-on-bulkhead hull construction) and a comprehensive 48 page illustrated instruction book guide you to amemorable Rattlesnake model. (Display base & brass pedestals not included.)

Length 28" / Height 18" / Scale 3/16" =1 ft. (1:64)


Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: MSW2160
Model Shipways Virginia Sloop

Armed Virginia Sloop, American Privateer, 1768
by Model Shipways • Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

More Info
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Part#: MSW2260
Model Shipways Syren Brig

SYREN, US BRIG 1803 by Model Shipways
Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit

USS Syren, a 240-ton brig, was built by Nathaniel Hutton at Philadelphia in 1803. On September 27th, she set sail for Gibraltar under the command of Lt. Charles Stewart. Syren cruised the Mediterranean during the spring and summer of 1804 and participated in the attacks on Tripoli. She remained there for almost a year after the peace treaty with Tripoli was signed on June 10, 1805. Departing Gibraltar

on May 28 of 1806, she reached the Washington Navy Yard in early August, where she was laid up until her reactivation in 1807. During her service in the War of 1812, she was captured by the 74-gun HMS Medway after an 11-hour chase.

Designed by master modeler Chuck Passaro, Model Shipways’ kit is authentic to the last detail. Basswood keel and bulkheads are laser cut for easy assembly, and framing templates help you build a perfect hull.

We supply several sizes of basswood strips for deck and hull planking, plus self-adhesive copper tape for plating the hull below the waterline. An abundant fittings package includes photo-etched brass detailing, brass eyebolts, belaying pins, nails, gudgeons and pintles, over 200 wooden blocks and deadeyes, gratings, plus dowels for masts and spars. Several sizes of tan and black rigging line, netting, printed flags and grating are supplied as well. Armament consists of 16 precision-cast Britannia metal carronades and two long guns on wooden trucks. The model carries a ship’s longboat that’s a mini-kit in itself. Actual sized plans are on 8 sheets, and 140-page spiral bound instruction manual shows all stages of construction.

Length 33" • Height 27" • Scale 3/16 (1:64)

Difficulty Rating: Advanced Level

Model Shipways Syren Brig wood ship kit



Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: LAT22135
1/41 Virginia American Schooner

This is the Latina Virgina 1:41 scale static wooden model ship kit. For Beginning Modelers 

The Latina Virgina 1819 was designed in 1819 and launched that  same year. Also know as "schooners", these boats offered great maneuverability  and elegance. Equipped with a central swivel mounted carronade and lighty armed plus high speed the Virginia was used for pursuit and intercepting tasks as a Coast Guard boat.

Detailed constuction methods allow modeler to form the hull by attaching planking strakes to the false keel and frames. Also, each mast must be built and painted or stained for added realism 
These features and more insure a truly realistic, detailed and rewarding building experience.
All wood construction features Apple-wood, Ramin, Plywood, Mahogany 
Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and hinge pins, belaying pins and much more 

One Latina Viginia 1819 "Schooner", kit. All fittings, rigging, deck and hull planking strakes, plus main mast and bowsprit, instruction manual, assembly manual and 2-full size color sheets with photos of model in actual size, and other information.

Length: 540mm (21-1/4")
Height: 500mm (19-11/16")
Beam:   120mm (47-1/4")
Scale: 1:41   (3.41"=1 Foot)


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Part#: MSW105
Midwest Fair a Frame

Fair-A-Frame Building Slip by Model Shipways guarantees straight bulkheads

Designed to accommodate virtually any size keel, Model Shipways Fair-A-Frame makes plank-on-bulkhead hull assembly fast and accurate.

Fair-A-Frame’s two parallel guides hold the keel while you work. An adjustable alignment unit straddles the base, ensuring that all bulkheads are square to the false keel. A set of ten metal screws makes the unit fully adjustable in height as well as width. Easy-to-assemble kit includes base, laser cut wooden parts, all necessary hardware, plus illustrated instructions for assembly and use.

Base: 24" x 4-1/2".

Model Shipways Fai A Frame



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Part#: MSW2240

Model Shipways' Niagara kit is a faithful representation of the reconstructed Niagara at the maritime museum in Erie, PA. Model design is based on research and plans for the 1990 reconstruction, provided by Melbourne Smith of the International Historical Watercraft Society in Annapolis MD. Laser cut basswood parts facilitate plank-on-bulkhead construction.

Individual basswood strips cover the hull, and we provide six filler blocks in our Model Shipways Niagara to make the job easier. True-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings assure scale accuracy. Eighteen cast metal carronades and two long guns duplicate the armament of the original vessel. Rigging material include over 600 blocks and deadeyes and four diameters of rigging line. Six sheets of detailed plans and 40 page illustrated instruction manual by Ben Lankford clarify every phase of construction. (Display base and brass pedestals not included.)

Authentic plank-on-bulkhead construction
• Laser cut basswood structural parts
• True-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings
• Eighteen carronades and two long guns
• Four diameters of rigging line
• Six sheets of detailed plans and 40 page step-by-step instruction manual
Length 36-1/2" / Height 24-1/2" / Scale 3/16" = 1 (1:64) 

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions and or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.


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