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Part#: MRCAA370

Enjoy advanced electronic circuitry at an exceptional price complete with an extra measure of power for unusual demands. Designed for HO and N gauge trains

0-15 VDC for train power
19 VAC output for accessories
18 VA of power
LED pilot light
Direction control switch
Master on-off switch
300 degree speed control throttle
Automatic circuit protector
2-year limited warranty
UL Listed

ATTENTION: MRC has proudly manufactured Power Packs since 1947 and has sold more than 1 Million products to satisfied customers in North America without any issue during this time. Evidently, Rapido Trains, a relatively new train manufacturer has allegedly not made their locomotives suitable for use with MRC's 1300 & 1370 Power Packs, which have used the same tried and true technology for the last 25 years with UL Certification.

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Part#: LNL14198
O CW-80 80w Transformer

CW-80 80-Watt Transformer
   Enjoy operating your favorite locomotives, train sets, and accessories with the 80-Watt CW-80 Transformer. From the handsomely designed controller, reminiscent of the famous Lionel ZW, you control speed and power by raising and lowering the engineer handle. Operate your favorite features with the bell, whistle/horn, and direction buttons. On the rear of the unit, you will find a 0-18 volt variable AC output, as well as a programmable AC output for accessory operation. Simply set the accessory voltage to your desired output, and your accessory operates at that output until you turn the unit off?even when you stop the train! Perfect for train sets and small- to medium-sized layouts, the CW-80 provides the power you need to enjoy all your Lionel favorites.

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: LNL14295

This is the Lionel #990 LEGACY Command Set. Suitable for Ages 8 & Up.

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: LNL37921

The ZW-L Transformer features four-handle operation so you can run up to four different trains or accessories at the same time.

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: MTH404000

This is the Z-4000 Transformer, 400W from MTH.

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

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Part#: LNL81603

72-Watt Wall Pack Power Supply - LionChief(TM) Lionel LNL681603

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Part#: LNL83071
Lionel 6-83071 O Universal LionChief Remote Controller Lione

Shipping cost will vary by dimensions or weight please call or email for shipping quotes.

Universal LionChief / LionChief Plus Remote Controller

Running multiple locomotives has never been easier! Use this single remote to operate any of your LionChief Plus locomotives. Your need for multiple remotes are a thing of the past. It's that simple. Choose to run one, two, or three locomotives at any time using a single Universal remote!

Within seconds at startup, LionChief engines on the track are identified and loaded into the remote memory. Push one of the three buttons on the remote dashboard to run the engine of your choice! Simple as 1-2-3.

  • Control any existing or future O Gauge LionChief Plus locomotive
  • Control most O Gauge Ready-to-Run LionChief set locomotives
  • Control any existing S Gauge FlyerChief locomotive
  • Load and operate up to three locomotives remote at any one time
  • Choose between any one of the three engines with the simple 3-button control
  • LED Illumination on 1-2-3 buttons when pressed
  • On/Off Switch to preserve battery power
  • Remote "Train Memory" preserves current speed and direction of engine when toggling operation between different locomotives
  • Even after power down and restarting remote retains memory of the specific engines loaded in system
  • "Easy Clear" feature allows you to quickly remove and add new locomotives into remote memory as needed
  • Forward and reverse speed control knob
  • Additional buttons for whistle sound, bell, special announcements, and ElectroCoupler™ activation
  • Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

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Part#: MTH401000A

DCS users who don't need a conventional transformer and controller can use this 100 watt power supply for small and moderate sized layouts. Featurng a U.L. approved design & separate 14v AC Accessory Port, its robust design will provide years of service, Use the optional TIU/Barrel Jack adapter to make connecting it to the DCS Track Interface Unit quick and easy.

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Part#: LNL81325

With LCS Wi-Fi, you can operate your model railroad using devices such as the Apple iPad®, computers, smart phones or other Wi-Fi devices. LCS Wi-Fi can create its own independent WiFi network or join an existing one.

Up to 15 Wi-Fi devices can be connected at once. Each connected device requires software written specifically for the LCS system. Lionel's LCS App is available as a free download for the iPad. In addition, Lionel has made the LEGACY & LCS protocol codes available to third party developers.

A Base/No Base switch lets you configure an LCS system without a Lionel command base. Choose this type of installation if you are exclusively running conventional locomotives, but want iPad control over your switches. Or if you are using another type of locomotive control system, such as DCC, but want to be able to use BPC2, ASC2 or other LCS modules to control your layout.

LCS Wi-Fi gets its operating power on the same cables used for data transmission. One 6-81499 LCS Power Supply and DB9 cable is required per LCS installation (even in a "no base" configuration).

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Part#: MRCAH600
MRC Tech 4 600 -- 50 Watt AC Output

The Tech 4 600 has huge power reserves for instantaneous response to sudden power demands. Its advanced technology provides really smooth speed transition. MRC's attractive contemporary design also provides fixed AC for accessories, whistle button, on-off switch, direction control button, overload indicator and pilot LED.

0-1705 VAC throttle output
1805 VAC Fixed accessory output
50 VA total capacity
120 VAC input

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