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Part#: GPMQ5000
Fingertip Prop Balancer

   This is a Fingertip Prop or spinner back plate Balancer.            
INCLUDES: Two Blue anodized cones (aluminum)                                  
          One Zinc coated steel shaft                                         
SPECS:    Steel shaft: 5/32" w/32 threads per inch.                           
          Cones: Inner dia: 3/8"                                              
          Total Length:   2-3/8"                                              
          Outer Diameter: 15/32"                                              
          Thickness:        7/8"              

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Part#: GPMR2400

This is the Great Planes C.G. Machine Precision Aircraft Balancer.      
**Not designed for use with planes under 2 lbs flying weight**  

FEATURES: Accurately balances your plane and set the center of                 
            gravity for maximum flight performance                             
          Works for all types of airplanes that weight between 2 - 40lbs       
            (0.91 - 18.144kg) flying weight                                    
          Level vial for accuracy                                              
INCLUDES: Two Base black plastic (NYLON141)                                    
          Two Socket caps black plastic (NYLON138)                             
          Two Rule holder black plastic (NYLON139)                             
          Two Rule end cap black plastic (NYLON140)                            
          One Level vial (LEVEL01)                                             
          One 1/2" x 3" clear plastic strip (LEVEL02)                          
          Two Leading edge pointers (.074" x 2 1/2" wire) (WBNT262)            
          Two 2-56 threaded ball stud (SCRW072)                                
          One 1"x1" double sided tape (FTAP001)                                
          Two 1" self-stick round foam pad (FOAM002)                           
          Two #4 x 3/8" sheet metal screw (SCRW043)                            
          One Rule set (left and right, clear plastic NYLON142)                
          Two 1/4" x 16" upright metal rod (ROD003)                            
          Two 3/16" x12" base metal rod (WIRES07)                              
          One C.G. Machine sticker (STKER46)                                   
          One instructions (BALP01)                                            
REQUIRES: Medium or thick CA glue, hobby knife, phillips screwdriver,          
            small metal file, threadlocking compound, 600 & 220                
            grit sandpaper, small 90 degree triangle, tissue or                

            paper towel and rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner       

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Part#: TOPQ5700

The Top Flite balancer is an innovative way to balance your aircraft or boat propellers, spinner backplates, car wheels and tires, as well as many other items in the hobby industry.                                                  

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Part#: SIGSH900
SIG Pro-Balancer

With the SIG PRO-BALANCER, you can quickly balance your model and propellers from one simple device.

With the SIG PRO-BALANCER, you can quickly balance your model and propellers from one simple device. The Pro-Balancer will handle nearly every model in your fleet (fuselage widths up to 11 in (28 cm) and any size model propeller. The Pro-Balancer uses carbon steel, laser cut SIG plywood and is equipped with ball bearings so it will last for years.

Serious Equipment for Serious Modelers!
Balance! The wrong center of gravity (especially tail heavy), will turn your model from an eagle into a turkey. Just a fraction of an inch change in balance point can make the difference between a solid performer and an airplane you have to fight just to get back down in one piece. Even if you only fly pre-built ARF models, don't overlook this critical step. Balsa wood is a natural product and the weight of the wood can vary. Together with the differences in engine and radio selection, your new ARF model may be far out of balance and needs to be checked.

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Part#: DUB499
Dubro Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

This is Dubro's Tru-Spin Prop Balancer.


Completely Adjustable Propeller Balancer
Precision-Machined Rotating Wheels to Assure Perfect Balance Easily
Unique Over/Under Set-Up Option Accomodates Even Large-Scale Props
Dubro separetly offers optional Quadcopter Balancer Shafts for both
5mm DUBQ3380 and 6mm DUBQ3381


One Tru Spin Prop Balancer


Assembly of Balancer.

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