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Part#: BAD50-520
BADGER MODEL PAL – Suction Handling Tool

 An ideal tool for precision assembly projects. Fun! Handy! Helpful! Great tool for model cars, crafts, railroading, doll houses, applying decals, stained glass, model airplanes, crafts of all kinds! The Model Pal will become one of your favorite assembly tools.Assorted cups included

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Part#: EXL50005
EXCEL Wood Burning Set

Perfect beginners tool for burning designs into wood, cork, leather and more.

Includes 5 different tips for a multitude of style and designs. This wood burning set also includes a knife stand to protect your work space.

Heats up to 180 Degrees.

Power Consumption: 30 Watts

Our Price: $19.99
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Part#: SQU10205
SQUADRON Precision Putty Applicator

 This precision spatula is made of High Grade stainless steel with specially designed blades for applying filler putty

Our Price: $8.98
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Part#: SQU10211
Squadron Rivet Simulator / Starter

 Needle point spike with handle to prick or shape rivets in thin plastic card. This tool is simple but essential when simulating small rivets or make tiny indentations for pre-drilling.

Our Price: $5.99
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Part#: EXL50500
EXCEL 7 Head Combo Hammer

Made of steel with a metal construction steel head press fitted to a steel stem and plated with a black oxide for a durable finish
Comes equipped with  (7) seven different hammer heads and one large comfortable aluminum handle which fits all the (7) seven hammer heads; (1) plastic, (1) aluminum, (1) brass and (4) steel.

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Part#: SIGSH627

A convenient 1/2 oz. plastic syringe for dispensing model cement, aliphatic resin glue, white glue, or epoxy glue.

Allows you to precisely control the amount and placement of your adhesives for a lighter, neater building job. Also handy for injecting glue inside splits and breaks when repairing crash damage. Extremely small, pointed tip is tailor made for those hard to get at places on a model. The curved tip makes it possible to go around corners and into blind spots.

This is a top quality mini glue gun that will give you years of service if you clean it thoroughly after every use.

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Part#: SIGSH722

These super tough syringes are extremely handy for a multitude of tasks at the flight line. Perfect for priming engines and quick filling small fuel tanks. The graduated scale on the side allows accurate measurement of the exact amount of fuel needed. Markings are in both metric and standard fluid ounces. Especially good for C/L combat flying or outdoor F/F, where a precise injection of fuel into a pacifier or bladder is required. Also great for drawing the last little bit of leftover fuel from the tank after flying. These heavy-duty plastic syringes are quick and easy to use! Comes with a piece of SIG heat-proof silicone fuel tubing for quick-connecting to the tank.

1/2 ounce size

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