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Do you remember the original TENAX 7R Plastic Welder/Bonder?
Well Good News! It's Back and Better than ever!

JM Hobby Supply took several bottles of the Original TENAX 7R to a lab and replicated it to the exact specification of the original product!  Not only that but they where able to improve the product in several ways!  JM Hobby Supply is now the ONLY manufacturer of the ORIGINAL TENAX 7R product, under a new name: STYRENE TACK-IT II !

Part#: TNXTI2
JM HOBBY SUPPLY Styrene Tack*It II 1 oz jar

It's Back!!!!

The same TENAX 7R adhesive, reverse engineered from the original formula, under a new name.

  • Using it with Styrene models still allows a fast bond time of 3-5 seconds
  • Now you can use it on Acrylic models too! Curing time is about 10 seconds!
  • You can increase working time by mixing it with up to 50% Xylene to slow the bond time. (Xylene is available at many hardware and paint stores.)
  • If you glue a part incorrectly, STYRENE TACK-IT II can be used as a solvent to loosen the part and it will come apart without all of the stringy mess that the old Tenax 7R woud create. Reapply STICK-IT II to reattach the part!
  • Lasts Indefinately with cap on tight! (JM Hobby Supply stores them upside down for a tight seal.)
  • Can be refigerated long term.


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Part#: DLMAC11
DELUXE MATERIALS Pin Flow Applicator

An applicator specially designed for the precise control of liquid solvent plastic adhesives such as Plastic Magic. When even a brush can sometimes deliver too much this breakthrough device will deliver just the right amount of adhesive to bond the most intricate parts.

Prevents glue runs.

Creates invisible joints especially on clear plastic.

The Pin Flow Aplplicator in use

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