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 DS-3421 Digital Ultra Torque Mini

JRDS3421 Digital Ultra Torque Mini Servo

JR's small-sized Digital Ultra Torque DS3421 Mini, servo offers outstanding holding torque and quicker response. This is achieved by using a high-frequency digital amplifier with a pulse rate of 300Hz (the number of time the amplifier pulses the motor per second) versus the 50Hz found on a conventional servo. The extreme accuracy of digital precision gives a resolution of 5900 steps per 120 of travel and less than .001ms of dead-band. A durable composite-metal geartrain composed of hard-anodized aluminum and hardened steel and brass gears provides backlash- free operation.

Due to their compact size, these small digital ultra-torque servos are perfect in applications that require servos driven by space restrictions, such as those found in a jet, sailplane, pylon racers, or a complex scale model. Eliminate long accuracy robbing link-ages by locating servos closer to the point of operation.

Need to trim weight?  Lighten your model by choosing a smaller digital ultra-torque servo without losing the torque of a larger standard servo. JR's Ultra-Torque Mid, Mini, and Micro servos all have more torque than most conventional standard servos and weigh considerably less. These servos are truly in a class of their own .

Torque:  65 oz/in@4.8v Speed:  .18 sec/60
Weight:  1.04 oz Size 0.75" x 1.41" x 1.03"
Motor:  Coreless Ball Bearing:  Dual

JRDS3421 Digital Ultra Torque Mini


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